A cleaner, greener way to wean: top tips for an eco-friendly weaning adventure

We’re all more aware of our impact on the planet and looking to make more eco-friendly choices. As our children come up to their key milestones, there’s so much to think about. The same goes for weaning, which usually starts when your baby is around six months old.

That’s why it’s great when brands come up with solutions which fit our environmental values, while making it easy and affordable for us to make greener choices.

Leading baby brand Nuby has done just that, launching its new rice husk tableware which is 100% eco-friendly and even better for the environment than bamboo.

The adorable range includes cutlery, a section plate, bowl and beakers, and is made of earth-friendly rice husk material, so as well as being practical and high performing – it’s great for the planet!

Nuby is sharing some clean, green ways to wean for London mums looking to embrace eco-friendly parenting options, which are also fun for all the family.

Grow your own

Gardening is a great way of sustainably sourcing your own fresh fruit and veggies and it offers lots of stimulation for your baby!

From an early age they can watch what you’re doing, and they can see, touch and smell everything that’s growing in the garden until they’re ready to get involved themselves.

As your little one grows, it also teaches valuable lessons in responsibility, patience and care, as well as learning the value of the food they eat, building their confidence and encouraging an interest in healthy eating very early on.


Weaning waste? Compost it!

If you are growing your own veggie garden, why not take it a step further and start your own compost heap?

Make the most of your food waste and let it become a fertiliser for your garden – it’s a fantastic way to make the most of the food that baby doesn’t end up eating!

What’s great about Nuby’s new eco-tableware is that it’s 100% compostable too. Once your child has moved on from the weaning tableware, it can all be broken up and thrown in your compost heap to decompose back into the earth.


Plan your meals

Planning your meals ahead of time can really help to save on food waste and save your money. Batch cooking is another great way to avoid waste and can also save you lots of time and energy. Weaning is enough of an uphill battle as it is!

Nuby has some great resources you can download to help you plan your weaning week ahead.


Look for non-plastic tableware options

Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose and with new products on the market, like the Nuby eco-tableware range – there’s a much more sustainable way to wean.

Nuby’s range is made by taking waste rice husk products and combining them with naturally occurring starch. It’s safe for little ones and free from any nasty toxins, as well as being great for the planet – win, win!


And finally …. Weaning is an adventure for all the family and can be a great way to learn about food and the environment. Most of all, it should be fun – so get stuck in, embrace the mess and enjoy this exciting stage in your child’s development.

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