4 Birthday cake alternatives that are easier to share at parties

Usually, the birthday cake is the main part of a birthday party. Whether this is a party with adults or one for your children, you typically slice up a cake and distribute it around to everyone. 

This might sound controversial, but birthday cakes can sometimes be a letdown. For starters, you need to find a cake that everyone loves. Some people might love a traditional birthday cake, while others only like chocolate cake. There are so many people to please, and one cake can rarely do it. Plus, you have to cut the cake, which can be a big pain, and you need to ensure everyone has an even slice.

Instead, why don’t you consider offering something a little different? You have cake all the time, so here are a few tasty birthday cake alternatives that are definitely easier to share at parties: 


Get a box (or two, or three) of doughnuts to share at a birthday party with everyone. You can get them from a lot of supermarkets these days, but there are also companies that sell them online. Sometimes, doughnuts are much better than birthday cakes because you have more customisability with them. That’s a word I just made up, but it’s the best way to describe doughnuts! You can pick individual flavours to make up your box, ensuring there’s something for everyone. There could be chocolate doughnuts, plan ones, iced ones, sugary ones, stuffed ones – the list goes on and on. 

The best thing is, everyone can take a doughnut and there will be no complaints about who got the biggest slice. For even more shareability, you can cut the doughnuts in half to let people mix and match. 


You can’t really go wrong with some delicious brownies. Like doughnuts, there’s a surprisingly large variety of brownies out there. I know what you’re thinking; what about people that don’t enjoy chocolate? Well, let me introduce you to blondies! These are similar to brownies, only made without chocolate, so they’re more cakelike. Again, you can have loads of blondie varieties as well, allowing you to create a selection for everyone. 

If you wanted, you could make a batch of homemade brownies yourself. They’re definitely the easiest thing to make, but you can also buy letterbox brownies too. These brownies are delivered straight to your door and posted through the letterbox. Get a few boxes delivered, choose your flavours, and everyone will be left satisfied.



Some of you are reading through the first two options and licking your lips with joy. Then, there are others who remain firmly in the cake must be consumed on birthdays camp. Okay, I get that, so hear me out…what about birthday cakes, only smaller? 

Cupcakes are a perfect replacement for a big birthday cake because they solve the issue of different tastes. Again, just like the previous two ideas, you can find companies that sell them online for you to order. You can choose from so many different cupcake flavours; they arguably have the most diversity of the three options. I’m sure you can find some that are like mini traditional birthday cakes to satisfy the purists at the party. At the same time, you can definitely find chocolate cupcakes or red velvet cupcakes to satisfy people with other tastes. They’re so much easier for you to share, and it’s just a wonderful alternative to your traditional birthday cakes. 



Finally, you’ve got cookies. Now, there are two ways you can use cookies as an alternative. Firstly, you can go down the same route as the other three options. Find a cookie delivery service, select your individual cookies and get them delivered in a box for everyone to enjoy. 

Or, you can get a massive cookie cake. This is a giant cookie, usually with frosting and decoration on it as well. It’s a brilliant way to get a birthday cake without any cake at all. Plus, they’re a lot easier for you to cut and you can sometimes get half and half giant cookies. One half could be a normal cookie, the other half could be double chocolate – you get the idea. 


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a birthday cake at a birthday party. These ideas are just alternatives for those of you that are maybe sick of cake. Also, they’re good ideas if you have people with different diets at the party. If someone is vegan or lactose intolerant, opting for an alternative where you can order individual products is much better as you can include ones specifically for them. Either way, you’ve got some great ideas to replace the traditional birthday cake.

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