Winter Beauty SOS

Spring is just around the corner and if you’re suffering from a winter beauty SOS, then the following tips should help you get back in the game in time for those sunny days:

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The dark nights in front of the tele with a glass of red wine may have taken their toll on your teeth. ALWAYS use a whitening toothpaste and if you need a little extra help buy a handy dental stain eraser and some whitening strips.

Haven’t had time to wash your hair this morning/week! Rub a penny size amount of Baby Powder through your locks, concentrating on your roots, and you’ll look as good as new. This is also a great tip for adding volume to clean hair. Just check it’s all rubbed in before leaving the house.

Whip off those unsightly hairs in no-time with the new Gillette Venus Razor. Its built-in shaving and moisturising balms will give you silky, smooth legs in no time, with no fuss. And the handy shower holder means you can secure it safely away from little hands.

A pair of cotton beauty gloves and socks, are your best friends when it comes to soft, moisturised hands and feet. Pair with either Vaseline or specialised hand/foot cream and your skin will be as soft as your babies bottom.

The new Multi-radiance Fluid from Olay is a lightweight formula with light-reflecting particles. Perfect for adding moisture and brightening your face in seconds. Keep it in your nappy bag, and if you find you’ve left the house with no make-up, a quick dab of this will add some sparkle to your day.

Hopefully a few of these tips will help you add a spring to your step as the days get longer and light.

Image photo credit: Mitya Kuznetsov via photopin cc

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