Why New Mums Prefer Contacts

New mums have plenty of adjustments to make, and for the most part it’s easy to prepare for the major ones. Basically, the idea is simple: life will revolve around a new child for quite some time, and mums and dads have to adjust accordingly! However, there are some smaller adjustments that are difficult to see coming even in all of the extensive preparation of getting ready for a new child.

For example, mothers who traditionally rely on glasses for corrective vision often find themselves looking to switch to contact lenses when there are little kids in the picture. I personally did that when my son was a baby especially when he started grabbing and breaking my new designer glasses!

The type of corrective vision you use as a mum may not seem significant on the surface. And, really, there are much more important things to consider when it comes to handling a young child. But here are a few different reasons that mums often end up preferring contacts.

Lower Damage Potential
Like it or not, babies and young children have a habit of breaking and damaging things by accident, and your glasses could easily fall victim to their curious and reckless hands. Contact lenses, on the other hand, are almost impossible for your kids to damage or ruin. Furthermore, on the off chance that something happens to one of your lenses, monthly contact lenses are easy enough to replace.

Constant Clarity
In addition to occasionally damaging things by accident, children also just like to touch and interact with things. You will almost certainly face a situation at some point when your child smudges or dirties your glasses lenses, which is simply inconvenient. With contact lenses, you’ll benefit from constant clarity no matter how much your kids like to touch and explore.

Convenience On-The-Go
Mums of young children have to be ready to bolt at a moment’s notice for a variety of reasons. If your child needs constant attention, or simply if you’re managing a tight schedule, you’ll need to be prepared for action, and this is simply easier if your eyesight is guaranteed by contacts. Keeping track of your glasses adds one more item to the checklist as you prepare to leave one location for another.

One Less Thing To Keep Track Of
In addition to being more convenient on-the-go, contact lenses also free you of one more thing to keep track of in general. Babies come with lots of accessories – clothes, toys, food, bottles, and lots of other fun trinkets and items. Keeping track of all of these things is burden enough without maximising your own accessories on top of it. With contact lenses in place, you’re more free to deal with your child’s needs. 

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