Who said ‘football mums’ can’t be fashionable?

I am a real football mother, i.e. a mum who plays football with other mums. But the expression ‘football mums’ is also given to mums that are particularly involved with their children’s activities. This is usually because they’re a full-time parent and or housewife whose role it is to maintain the home and the children. Some people prefer this lifestyle and we should not shame anyone who does. But you know how culture sometimes works, seeing football mums as the boring parent tends to take hold once enough people start to believe it. Thankfully, however, parenting has drastically changed over the last couple of decades especially. We’re now seeing a cultural shift thanks to social media whereby parents that are more involved with their children are seen as role models for other parents. It’s not to go too far and say that football mum has been made a cool job title, but it’s fashionable to be a parent that is confident in themselves, is intertwined with youth culture and makes the right fashionable choices when it comes to parenting.

Your version of youth fashion

The next time your children ever say you’re out of style in terms of the clothes you wear, remind them that most of their generation’s style comes from yours. Many of the top brands we see today are just re-making items that your generation took for granted. The waist-high shorts and jeans first came to be during the ’80s and ’90s. The types of sandals that many young girls wear now, were already being worn in the ’60s and ’70s. The Roman sandal type is back in fashion, yet it was already the talk of the town during the multiple summers of love in the ’70s. Thus, how can you wear clothes that match the fashion of your children, but still maintain a certain distance? In other words, how can you wear the ‘originals’ and compare them with the modern ‘copycat’ versions?

Many young girls go to websites like Cosmopolitan and HuffingtonPost for their fashion sense ideas and news. However, you should go onto websites that delve deeper into the history of fashion such as Vogue and Vanity Fair. Both of these websites very often cover the origins of fashion and also offer a lot of classic and historical photographs of cultural icons wearing certain fashion pieces. Read through the articles and gather as much inspiration as you can, and then begin to shop accordingly. 


A more modern car

The thing that really embarrasses children the most is the stereotypical football mum car. It’s bland, boring and has a ‘concerned parent’ vibe. Don’t be that person at the school gates. Instead, you should modernize your car to be more fashionable and something that the kids could actually relate to. This could be something like personalised Registration Plates whereby you can have your own family name written in a complex combination of numbers and letters. The prices begin at just £25 which is one of the best prices you’ll find around the Internet. Another way to customise your car is kitted out with modern technology. Have an iPad stand or two in the back so the children can watch their shows or even start early on their homework. The more visible these features are, the more your car will stand out as thoroughly modern and in-tune with what kids want.


A great way to make your car look a little more sporty is to paint your brake calipers. You can also paint your wheels to make them stand out more or perhaps, make them darker so your brake calipers shine through. These simple changes make the car look a bit more aggressive and it’s far from the typical boring soccer mom station wagon look. 


Winter wear that sets the standard


The winter is just around the corner. Any day now, and you’ll be dropping off and picking up your children in snowy and icy conditions. You may not be able to park your car outside the gates as you normally would for the risk of trapping the car in the slant of the road. So this gives you an opportunity to be the cool mom for a change. At no other time of the year, can you be as cool and chic a parent, as right now? 


Start off with a classic pair of leather gloves. The more traditional the better because these types of gloves fit better and simply look sleeker than fabric gloves. What do you think looks better, a mom with snug high-quality sheep-skin leather gloves, or a mom with woollen gloves with tiny faux fur balls? Yeah, the former of course! Winter boots are also high up on the list of fashionable winter wear. Go for the slightly industrial look, something that has a low heel but plenty of soles that wrap around the sides of the boot. The boots should also be in a lighter colour because they would look more opulent in among the snow. 



Don’t go to pick your kids up from school in the boring old winter parka jacket. Go with something a little more elegant like a wool trench coat. It’s a style that originated from the ’40s and ’50s, but it’s incredibly timeless. It makes you look more sophisticated and debonair. However, instead of going for the typical black or beige, go for something with a bit more attitude and vibrancy. Go for a red winter trench coat and together with your leather gloves and boots, you’ll have an outfit that is classy, cool and makes you look like the parent who never lost touch with their desire to be a fashion icon.


Greeting with a gift

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were one of the parents that brought your children something to eat or drink as they left school? Bringing your children a nice hot cup of coffee as they leave school, will make you look like a parent that goes just that little bit extra. What child wouldn’t want to sip on a refreshing hot chocolate as they leave school in the snowy winter?


No more boring and bland ‘football mum’. You should always take pride in being connected with what’s fashionable and what’s not. Never become the parent that stops caring about how their children’s generation perceives them.

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