Wedding trends 2019: what’s new?

Wedding trends come and go like fashion, so if you’re planning the biggest day of your life for 2019, you’ve come to the right place. The wave of summer weddings may be over for this year, but what you saw and loved at them might not stand the test of time, even for next year. You want your wedding to be unforgettable for all the right reasons, so stay ahead of the crowds and get the our lowdown on all the big wedding trends for 2019. 

Practical dresses

Fewer women are opting for the big, meringue-style dresses, but are instead going for something much more unassuming, with shorter trains and simpler materials – think Meghan Markle at her marriage to Prince Harry.

They want a more seamless transition from day to evening and are even taking things such as pockets into account. Strapless dresses are becoming less and less popular, whereas more brides are choosing to have long sleeved dresses.


Bright colours

The traditional creams and pastels are out and bright, bold colours are definitely in for next year.
Orange is making a comeback (or maybe it’s first big appearance in weddings?) and you’ll be seeing
lots of bright shades of purple too. Even the brides are getting on board, with many more now
opting for a coloured dress as opposed to the traditional white. Brides to be are also opting for
bolder rings. Non-traditional engagement rings such as black diamonds or sapphire’s are trending
and threatening to stay thanks to their popularity among celebrities. And when it comes to the
groomsmen, not everything has to be the same any more, with mix and match suits being the next
big thing.


Conscientious weddings

Many couples are starting to take a leaf out of Princess Eugenie’s book and have a completely plastic-free wedding. After all, glass straws look much better anyway. As well as reducing plastic, many people are choosing eco-friendly decorations and are making donations to charity instead of giving favours. Some are even requesting their guest give to charity instead of buying gifts.


Casual dining

The wedding breakfast tradition is ever-changing, with couples much preferring their guests enjoy a relaxed and informal dining experience. Food spreads with smaller plates, sharing plates, DIY food stations and dessert rooms are all increasing in popularity and are set to be the next big thing at weddings.


High tech…and unplugged

Things are going to be going a bit of both ways when it comes to technology at weddings. More and more couples are choosing for the ceremony to be ‘unplugged’, so people enjoy the moment instead of seeing it through the lens of their camera phone. But on the other hand, drones will be making more regular appearances to capture the special day from above and you’ll be seeing more video mapping too.


Engagement moons                                                                                                   

Yes, you read that right. With weddings getting more and more expensive, many couples are choosing to go on their honeymoon after their engagement; before their bank balance feels the sting of the wedding cost. Alternatively, the post-wedding minimoon is an option before the main getaway. Or why not choose a destination wedding and tie it all in? Croatia and Mykonos are the places to head to tie the know next year.


Wedding flowers are becoming a lot subtler than they used to be, with lower and smaller table centre pieces increasing in popularity, to take up less room. Big, extravagant floral displays won’t be seen so much, with wild and boho-style flowers continuing to be in demand as stated by Lamouretfleurs. Natural greenery and décor is starting to take the place of regular decorations too, adding a much more rustic feel to the big day.

Added extras

Brides and grooms are keen to go the extra mile for their guests, with things such as welcome packs and hangover packs making frequent appearances at weddings. Many are even making use of their wedding flowers and separating them into bouquets to give their guests after the day is done. On the day itself, no one wants the fun to end, so party wind-downs are a new thing, with sing-a-longs and gatherings being organised once the evening do is over.

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