Unboxing Review: Yuvati Ritual Box for teenage skincare

I recently had the opportunity to unbox and experience the Yuvati Ritual Box by Forest Essentials. This limited-edition gift box is more than just a collection of teenage skincare products; it embodies a powerful story of empowerment and dreams. This kit is only available in the Forest Essentials Covent Garden store.

The Yuvati Ritual Box is a Forest Essentials initiative inspired by Maleesha, a 15-year-old Yuvati from the slums of Mumbai. Maleesha’s story is one of resilience, determination, and a desire to break free from societal limitations. Forest Essentials has created this self-care ritual to celebrate the transitionary phase of young girls like Maleesha, helping them establish their unique identity and find their path in life.

Opening the beautifully crafted box, I was greeted with a thoughtfully curated selection of skincare essentials.

Yuvati First Ritual Box

The contents included:

  1. Facial Cleanser Saffron & Neem 50ml: This cleanser is a perfect choice for teenage skin, as it combines the purifying properties of saffron and neem to keep the skin clear and fresh.
  2. Lip Balm Sugared Rose Petal 4g: A nourishing lip balm infused with the essence of rose petals, keeping the lips soft and hydrated.
  3. Eladi Day Cream 30g: This day cream is formulated to provide essential hydration and protection while promoting youthful and radiant skin.
  4. Kumkumadi Night Cream 30g: The night cream enriched with the potent Kumkumadi oil helps rejuvenate the skin overnight, leaving it supple and glowing.
  5. Sun Fluid 50ml: An essential product for sun protection, the sun fluid shields the skin from harmful UV rays while providing a lightweight and non-greasy feel.
  6. Silk Soap Soundarya 100g: The luxurious silk soap, infused with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs, gently cleanses the skin, leaving it refreshed and pampered.
  7. Hair Cleanser Bhringraj 50ml: This hair cleanser is designed to nourish and strengthen teenage hair, promoting healthy growth and vitality.
  8. Hair Conditioner Bhringraj 50ml: The accompanying hair conditioner complements the hair cleanser, providing deep hydration and smoothness to the hair strands.

Each product in the Yuvati Ritual Box showcases the quality and effectiveness that Forest Essentials is known for. The ingredients are pure and natural, which aligns perfectly with the Ayurvedic philosophy. Forest Essentials has taken into account the specific needs of teenage hair and skin, providing a range of products that cater to this transitional phase in life.

What makes the Yuvati Ritual Box even more special is its purpose beyond skincare. With every purchase of this box, a portion of the proceeds goes towards Project Paathshala, an initiative that supports education for underprivileged children. By supporting this cause, Forest Essentials and its customers, including those who purchase this box, are actively contributing to a brighter future for these children.

The Yuvati Ritual Box by Forest Essentials is a good quality product. Not only does it offer a range of high-quality skincare essentials tailored for teenagers, but it also represents a powerful message of empowerment and social impact. It is a perfect gift for teenage girls, allowing them to indulge in self-care while supporting a meaningful cause. I highly recommend the Yuvati Ritual Box for anyone looking to embrace the beauty of Ayurveda and make a difference in the lives of others.


Yuvati First Ritual Box teenage skincare

The Importance of Skincare Routine for Teenagers

As a person who has always looked after her skin since the adolescence, I firmly believe that teenagers can greatly benefit from establishing a skincare routine. Adolescence is a critical period when hormonal changes occur, leading to various skin concerns such as acne, oiliness, and sensitivity. A well-designed skincare regimen can help teenagers maintain healthy, clear, and radiant skin while addressing their specific needs.

The primary goal of a skincare routine for teenagers should be to maintain a balanced and healthy complexion while preventing and managing common skin issues. Here are the key components that should be included in a teenager’s skincare routine:

  1. Cleansing: A gentle cleanser suitable for their skin type should be used twice daily, once in the morning and once before bed. This helps remove excess oil, dirt, and impurities that can clog pores and contribute to acne breakouts.
  2. Moisturising: Regardless of skin type, moisturising is essential for teenagers. Look for lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturisers that hydrate the skin without clogging pores. This step helps maintain the skin’s moisture balance, prevent dryness, and protect the skin barrier.
  3. Sun Protection: Protecting the skin from harmful UV rays is crucial to prevent long-term damage and premature ageing. Teenagers should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, even on cloudy days. Encourage them to apply sunscreen daily, reapplying every two hours when outdoors.
  4. Spot Treatment: Acne is a common concern during adolescence. Teens may consider using spot treatments containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to target and reduce acne breakouts. However, it is essential to use these products as directed and avoid excessive or aggressive application, as it can lead to skin irritation.
  5. Gentle Exfoliation: Exfoliation can help remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, promoting a clearer complexion. However, teenagers should use gentle exfoliants no more than twice a week to avoid over-scrubbing, which can cause irritation or damage the skin.
  6. Healthy Lifestyle Habits: A skincare routine should be complemented by healthy lifestyle choices. Encourage teenagers to maintain a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and avoid excessive stress. These factors play a significant role in overall skin health.

It is important to note that each teenager’s skin is unique, and individual variations should be taken into account when designing a skincare routine. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist or skincare professional who can provide personalised recommendations based on specific skin concerns and conditions.

A skincare routine is indeed important for teenagers. By adopting good skincare habits early on, teenagers can effectively manage and prevent common skin concerns, promoting long-term skin health and confidence.

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