Twinkle Twinkle Little Toes…

With all the Christmas get-togethers this time of year you’ll want to look your best, but if you’re pregnant, a new mum or a worn-out mother like me, you might be feeling a little less than glamorous. So, with partners off to Christmas do’s whilst you stay in to babysit, what better time to pamper? This week treat yourself to a quick little pick-me-up with a home pedicure – and possibly a little face-pack whilst your toes are drying.

Painted toenails are your instant ticket to glamour – if you’re super pregnant and unable to bend to your toes enlist your mum, sister or best friend to help. Many a time I’ve been caught staring in utter amazement at a friend’s unpainted toenails, it’s one of those things you can’t take your eyes off!

Why not have a bit of fun this and try out a few at-home special effects. There are plenty of inexpensive products out there; Models Own make fab NailArt Pens that make really great little stars, try white or silver stars on a darker red, purple or blue, perfect for this time of year. Andrea Fulerton has a super pack of glitter puffs for you to play around with great for sparkly toes.

Top tips for seasonally twinkly toes this Christmas:

  • Buy a good Top Coat as this will add the shiny finishing touch of a salon pedicure.
  • Paint your nails a day or two before they are unveiled and don’t worry if the edges of your nail varnish aren’t perfect, as soon as you shower your skin cells will loosen, leaving you with the perfect manicure/pedicure.
  • Clean your unpainted nails with nail varnish before applying a new colour, this will ensure a clean base for the varnish to hold too (& buy a good quality nail varnish remover).
  • A can of quick spray will ensure your nails dry as quickly as possible IE. before the kids wake-up!
  • Have your flip-flops out ready – no shoes allowed (for as long as possible)
  • A good nail buffer is all you need for lovely shiny fingernails
  • Keep your fingernails clean, dirty fingernails make me squeamish.
  • Keep them short – it only takes a minute with a sharp pair of nail clippers to keep them in check, and then just rub them over with a nail file.
  • Cuticles – use your time effectively & multitask. Whilst your little one is playing in the sand pit/doing a jigsaw, get into the habit of pushing down your cuticles; eventually you will do this absentmindedly. You could also invest in a cuticle cutter. These fabulous little instruments tidy up cuticles in seconds, once you’ve pushed them down of course, and they only cost a couple of pounds. Never over use the cuticle cutter though, it can be painful, always err on the side of caution.
  • Unless you are going to a wedding don’t even think about painting your fingernails – they’ll never dry before a crisis erupts, be it bottle, nappy or the washing up. Scuffed, cracked nails are much worse than nothing at all!
  • Remember to party those sparkling toes off, Christmas comes but once a year.
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    Photo credit: Lelê Breveglieri via photopin cc

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