Top Fashion Trends for this Autumn 2013 for Kids

Mums tend to look at their own fashion trends when it comes to buy kids’ clothing which often reflects trends for grown-ups. As it appears, boys and girls love to copy their parents even when it comes to dressing up.


Kids’ fashion trends for this autumn are characterised by a variety of mixing of different styles in one look. Take a look at these videos as examples of the new looks.


This autumn natural colours like gray, steel, brown and trendy black and white as well as bright shades like all shades of red (corral, pink, orange, purple and fuchsia) are in vogue. Jeans are a timeless garment, which is now a universal children wear. However this item also tends to be influenced by fashion trends and this autumn we will see more richly-embellished jeans with lace, crystals, fringe and studs. Denim pinafores and jumpsuits with skinny legs are making a big comeback.


Even though mums of girls have more choice to dress their daughters with trendy clothing and fashion items, it becoming more fun for mums of boys to dress them up: jumpers have bolder prints (than in the past), V-shaped necklines are also trendy for boys this autumn, grunge jeans, velvety jackets, etc. Similar to girls’ fashion, in the boys’ fashion are favoured various chains, buttons, fringe, lacing as well as the military trend that seems never to be out of boys’ fashion.

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