Tips and tricks for mums looking to buy sneakers for a man in their life

If you are a mum with sons or a wife whose husband is into sneakers, you are not alone. Thousands – if not millions – of men take sneakers and how they wear them seriously. There is a big culture around sneakers and fans of modern sneakers (sneakerheads) are now pampered with a lot of sleek and comfortable sneakers from different brands.

Buying sneakers for the sneakerheads in your life, however, can be quite complicated. There are rules to follow, details to pay attention to, and additional considerations to take into account. Buying sneakers has become complex, but there are ways to simplify the process. Here are the best tips and tricks to keep in mind if you are buying sneakers for the sneakerheads in your life.

Know the Styles

Sneakers come in different styles, and they serve different purposes. Before you can decide on the right pair to buy, you need to first understand the different styles available. Low-tops are the most common since they are versatile to wear with different looks and are quite comfortable for long-term use.

Low-top sneakers are lighter and tend to be more comfortable. They don’t require special accessories to wear and they are easy to mix and match with other outfits. The only problem is that there are hundreds – if not thousands – of low-top sneaker types and models to choose from; we will get to this in a bit.

Mid-tops bridge the gap between the two styles. Mid-top sneakers cover the ankle more, but they are not too high that they become difficult to wear. The likes of Nike Air Presto and other sport-oriented pairs are classified as mid-top because of the higher ankle line.

Mid-tops are quite trendy and sporty, which means they go well with looks that are designed to be semi-casual or very casual. If your loved ones enjoy sports, you can also find mid-top sneakers for specific sports such as running and basketball.

Lastly, we have high-top sneakers, where the top actually covers the ankle. They are bulkier and appear to be more solid in general, but some of them are lightweight enough to wear comfortably every day. High-tops aren’t necessarily understated, and it takes a great deal to pull off high-top sneakers as a fashion accessory.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of styles that could benefit from high-top sneakers. Some of the classic skater shoes have higher tops that cover the ankle, and they work well with ripped jeans and casual outfits. Finding the right pair is a matter of choosing the right design lines and colours.

Types and Models

Styles are just the beginning. Each of the styles we discussed earlier suits a particular look or outfit, but there are types and models to choose from before you can find the perfect pair of sneakers. For example, runners are a type of sneakers that feel comfortable to wear when walking or running, but they can be low-top or mid-top sneakers depending on the model you choose.

Yes, it can be that complicated. That’s before you get into the different brands, the features they offer with each collection, and limited-edition series that are very hot on the market. Check out the sneakers that your loved ones normally wear – and pay attention to the outfits they wear them with – and you can understand the different styles, types, and models better.

There is an easy way to figure out the perfect pair of sneakers to buy.

Probe for Clues

If you are buying the sneakers as a surprise for the sneakerheads in your life, you are in luck. Sneakerheads love talking about their dream shoes and the pairs they would love to have, and it takes no more than a few probing questions to get them going.

Start a conversation about sneakers and talk about the pairs that you like. Once your loved one is involved in the conversation, switch gear to the sneakers they would recommend and the ones they really love. Use the basics we covered earlier to help you keep the conversation going.

With the cues you pick up, browse through top fashion retailers like SSENSE and check out their catalogs. SSENSE has an extensive Fendi sneakers catalog that you will absolutely adore. Other brands and the best fashion pieces are available on the site too.

You will find the perfect pair of sneakers to get in no time as long as you pay attention to the clues you picked up earlier. Sneakers can be complicated, but they are easy to understand once you get the hang of how to spot the right one for the sneakerhead in your life.

Buying sneakers as a present is something that will make the sneakerheads in your life absolutely happy. As a mom and a partner, the joy of seeing our loved ones smiling from ear to ear far outweighs the complex process of finding the perfect pair to buy.

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