The beauty treatments people are spending ££££ on

People are spending hundreds, if not thousands, on beauty treatments. In fact, if they add it up, most people will agree they’ve spent thousands on beauty treatments. And we can understand why. These treatments are so readily available and almost shoved in our faces on social media. Are all of them bad? Absolutely not. Do people need to be spending thousands on them? Probably not. One study found that women in the UK spend £1,200 every year on beauty treatments, making it a £39 billion industry! But when they’re so readily available, we can see why it’s happening. Below, we’ll explore the beauty treatments people are spending ££££ on.

The beauty treatments people are spending ££££ on

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Aesthetics comes in at number one for the treatment women are spending the most on. 42.1% of people spend their money on aesthetic treatments like Botox and top-level services like anti-wrinkle treatments London. And who can blame them – if you do aesthetics right, it can look really good. If you do aesthetics wrong, it definitely doesn’t look good. Some of the most popular aesthetic treatments include

  • Filler
  • Botox
  • Chemical peels
  • Facials
  • CoolSculpting

The list could go on, and it seems like every other day, there’s a new treatment to talk about.


Eyelash Extensions

Who doesn’t love an eyelash extension? Apparently, it’s what 36.4% of women spend their money on. Eyelash extensions were once the classic stick-on that you’d battle with until you cried before going on a night out town, and then they wouldn’t stick after the tears and streets anyway, so you’d go out with mascara. And there was once a trend where the bigger the better was true for eyelash extensions. Well, that’s sort of true now, still, but people are going for more subtle looks.

What has changed is people wearing them 24/7. Gone are the days of strip lashes and battling trying to put them on. Lash extensions are the new trend, and so is paying anywhere between £30-70 for a set. And those lash extensions need topping up every two to three weeks, so it gets even more expensive. Yes, they look good, but are they worth that upkeep?



Microblading and brow lamination are the next big craze, with some people taking brow lamination to the extreme. 35.8% of people are trying out microblading, and 31.8% are trying brow laminations, or ‘lammys’.

Microblading looks OK, and everyone knows that brows are such an essential frame for the face. But we do admit that people are taking it a little far with the brow lamination trend. They look OTT and out of proportion to the rest of their face, but each to their own

Which is your favourite beauty treatment? There are so many to pick from that we’re almost spoiled for choice. And that’s probably why so many people are spending thousands on treatments – there’s so much temptation and advertisements that a new treatment is the next best thing. It’ll be interesting to see what the latest treatment is and how much people are willing to spend on it!

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