I personally think mums are the most amazing women, does this sound like a typical day in your house?, I know it does mine!

• Get the children up
• Get the breakfast, feed the dog/cat!
• Get the children ready for the day ahead, toddler group, pre-school, school
• Do the school run
• Go to work if you are a working mum
• Pop the washing on, tidy the house
• Do the hovering, do the ironing
• Get the lunch for non school children
• Do the school pick up
• Be the Taxi for the after school activities
• Get the tea for the kids
• After tea help with school homework
• Do Bathtime
• Do Bedtime stories
• Prepare for the next day
• Collapse in front of the telly if your lucky by 9pm!!!

It is not surprising if your day looks like this that the last thing you think about, as much as you would like to, is how you can look and feel great every day. I bet there are many of you who put on the same style of clothes every day….. just because it is easy?

To look good and most importantly feel great is not difficult, you just need a few key essential on trend pieces in your wardrobe to make you feel fantastic. You really do only need a few items in your wardrobe to look amazing and different every day.
One thing I am very passionate about is that what you wear needs to reflect your personality and your lifestyle, if you know how to dress your body shape then this makes life even easier.

Audrey Hepburn said ‘Happy girls are the prettiest’

You can build a superb capsule wardrobe in a cost effective way, style does not have to be expensive, there are so many fab shops like H&M, Zara, Top Shop, Primark,Oasis, in our high streets which are brilliant for all types of clothing from Jeans,Trousers, dresses, tops etc. If your budget can stretch further then you have House of Fraser, Debenham stores which I love as there are so many great brands in one store so it makes shopping fun, even with a buggy.

I would recommend the following for this Spring/Summer 2011 season;

• Jeans ( a soft denim ) or Cargo trousers or white linens or cropped wide leg trousers
• A dress, there are so many different styles in the high street, block colours, asymmetrical patterns or block colour great for any occasion. A shirt dress suits all body shapes
• An A-line skirt as this shape suits all body shapes or a pair of Culottes
• A silk/jersey short sleeve shirt
• A T.shirt with lace detail in a bright block colour, blouson style shirt in block colour or print
• A soft jersey jacket, can be a tailored or biker look
• A great necklace and bracelet that will go with many outfits

All of the above items will go with each other, the tops with the skirts and the trousers and the dress will sit as a separate garment. The jacket will then go with all the outfits you create.

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