Top tips for curly or mixed race hair

If you’re a parent of a mixed race child or a kid with naturally curly hair, you’ll know that keeping their curls in tip top condition can be a pain.
Curly hair is different in texture than straight hair and therefore needs a completely different hair care routine.

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Top tips:

· Don’t over wash curly hair – washing it every day will strip the hair’s natural oils and dry out curls.

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· Always use a moisturising shampoo to wash hair. Harsh shampoos will dry they hair and leave it prone to frizz.

· Never brush curly hair – use a wide tooth comb on wet hair, using a good quality conditioner or detangle spray.

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· Check the ingredients on children’s hair care – ingredients such as paraben, alcohol and sulphates are often used.

· Don’t overload hair with styling products such as gels and mouse – it can cause a build-up on the hair and weigh down curls. Leaving hair sticky, greasy or even crunchy to the touch.

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Many parents with curly haired kids can struggle to find suitable products that are effective at taming frizz, whilst safe to use on little heads, and parents of mixed race children may particularly struggle if the texture of their child’s hair is different to their own. A bewildering range of products can leave bathroom cabinets overflowing with gunky gels and sticky products.

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A new product range that has recently launched in the UK is kids haircare by Mixed Chicks, which is specifically for children with naturally curly hair and is fantastic on mixed race hair. Die-hard fans of the original women’s range include Hollywood actress Halle Berry and Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon.


The kids haircare range is already gaining celebrity interest from yummy mummies including Dancing on Ice star, Baroness Oona King who loves the range and uses it on her three adopted children’s gorgeous curls. Ex-Corrie and Waterloo favourite Angela Griffin is also a fan of the range.

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The Mixed Chicks range keeps it simple with their paraben, sulphate and alcohol free range. The moisture boosting and sulphate free kids shampoo will cleanse gorgeous curls without stripping hair and leaving it dry and prone to frizz, the kids conditioner is designed to help mum or dad comb through kid’s hair with ease. The kids leave in conditioner is worked through wet hair and left to air dry for guaranteed beautiful, soft and defined curls. Revive curls between washes with the kids tangle tamer – revive your little one’s nest with the light moisturizing formula which will revive bed head and give wild hair a fresh look with a quick fix.

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The curl defining formula is designed for curly kids with all hair types, and is particularly great on mixed race, Mediterranean and Afro hair. Prices start at £9.95 or £38.00 for a quad pack feature all four products.

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