Kids’ Fashion Trends for Spring

Do children really care about fashion trends? With a very few exceptions, they don’t and frankly, they shouldn’t. They need to spend time playing outdoor with friends, learning how to socialise rather than being fashion conscious. It’s some of us mums who care about how they look like during special occasions. I personally don’t want my son to attend a wedding in muddy tracksuits, even if I know that he would not care less about it. Check out some of my favourite kids’ Fashion Trends for this Spring.

Kids only care about being comfortable. They would not think twice before throwing themselves in the mud with their designer clothes. You have been warned. So, it’s advisable to check the Kids designer clothes sale from stores such as Strawberry Children for affordable items before blowing the full budget on one outfit only. Perhaps keep their best attire for days that don’t involve the parks’ climbing frames!

Remember that the fashion industry is playing it safe these days and brands stick with what works because ultimately mums follow this scheme anyway considering the unstable economy and the drastic changes that online shopping brought along.


Happy prints with strong printed messages

There’s one trend that is always welcomed by everyone because it shares optimism and fun. That is characterised by happy prints (including Smileys and rainbows) mixed with strong printed messages which encourage and motivate the little people in our lives with positive vibes.


Pastel colours

Pastel colours have appeared a lot in vogue this spring and so are more fashionable than ever this year: you will see pink tones even in boys’ clothing, delicate pre-washed colours and natural shades.

Natural fabrics

Looking at the fabrics there is a lot of natural cotton and linen. The whole organic and ethical fashion is growing, and this is great. We can easily choose to buy organic and still have a stylish wardrobe. It is great to see brands taking responsibility, looking for solutions and the best production methods.


The athleticism influence is real, and you can find a lot of comfortable looks. It is important for children to be free to move. Elastic finishes or light wear fabrics are adapted from the sports-wear sector. I particularly like sporty looks. Some of the new lines reflect the relaxed feel with a focus on laid-back comfort jerseys. Bermuda shorts and surfing accessories channel the beach-bum vibe.

No matter what style you prefer, the fashion industry can cater to plenty of choices these days. Unlike the big fashion brands aimed at women and men, the small independent retailers on- and offline seem to accommodate all kind of tastes with ‘safer’ and more traditional styles. The variety of clothes available for children at affordable prices is astonishing, unlike in the 70s and 80s when kids’ fashion prices were much higher.


What’s your favourite fashion trend in 2019?

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