Simple health routines to reverse lockdown ageing

The pandemic has forced us to spend more time indoor, without necessarily much exercise, and in many cases it has left us feeling a bit apathic so much so that we often haven’t looked after our health as we should have. Nothing is lost and here are my tips to reverse lockdown ageing and establish feasible routines to get us back on track and look fabulous once we will be released back into the urban jungle.

In the feature What to do when sleep is disrupted I talk about the rituals that I have adopted to improve my sleep quality. The results have been phoenomenal. I feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning and consequently more productive and motivated in everything I do. 

In this articles about Reverse Ageing –  Skincare and Beauty essentials and Skin healing I talk about skincare routines which are crucial if you want to keep your skin looking young for as long as possible and other benefits including improved self confidence and health. 

Last but not least, nutrition is vital to improve our general wellbeing. In my chat with Dr Michael Mosley I discuss the advantages of intermittent fasting, which I have adopted as a lifestyle ‘device’ to feel good from the inside and out. 


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