Sherpa: A meaningful summer wardrobe

As parents, we all know the importance of education but it’s easy to take our access to it for granted.  I recently came across this clothing brand from Nepal who make lovely easy to wear pieces and provide a day of school for a Nepalese child for every item sold. They recently hit the impressive target of 1 million school days and aren’t stopping there – the target is 10 million by 2030.

Born in the Himalayas in 2003, Sherpa certainly aren’t strangers to supporting their local communities, having set up ladies co-ops to create their hand-crafted collections which give Nepali women meaningful employment and income to fit around family life.

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This spring, their philanthropy stretches even further with the launch of a capsule collection to honour the scared Sarus Crane and help support the Lumbini Crane Foundation in Nepal.

summer wardrobe

The Sarus Crane is known as is the eternal symbol of unconditional love, devotion and good fortune. The tallest flying bird in the world, it nests in the wetlands of Lumini, the birthplace of Buddha, but face increasing challenges from rapid urbanisation, pesticides and reduced water flow. The Lumbini foundation works to restore and recreate the Crane’s natural habitat and involve the local community in conservation of natural resources. 

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Buddha’s Crane: It’s believed the young Prince Siddhartha, who came to be known as Buddha, rescued an injured Sarus Crane to the words  

Life belongs to those who seek to preserve it, not to those who seek to destroy it.”


The  Sherpa’s Capsule Crane Collection is available now and is ideal for summer travel / everyday wear with its light sustainable tees and versatile accessories starting at £20. All prints and designs are inspired by the Sarus Crane and the Himalayas and like most of the Sherpa range, goes lightly on the planet with the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

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You can also browse the Sherpa site for shorts, shirts, tights, dresses, mid-layers and jackets as well as roomy totes, scarves and hats, all perfect for your every day adventures.


What’s not to love? Why not grab a meaningful addition to your wardrobe this summer…

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