Pampering at home

You never need an excuse for a trip to a Spa, but if you can’t spare the time & money, or can’t tear yourself away from your little one(s), then why not create the perfect spa at home?

sequin-dress painted nails pampering

Get together with a few mum friends and treat each other to some luxury treatments. It’s much easier to paint someone else’s nails, or apply a facemask than you think. And if you pool your favourite products you’re bound to find some hidden gems. Couple this with some bubbles (I prefer Prosecco as its tiny bubbles are easier on the tummy and its way cheaper!) and there’s sure to be lots of laughs in between.

silly season More champagne

Why not incorporate a product swap? We all have bottles of unopened perfumes or creams given as pressies. Your rejects could become someone else’s treasure.

And if you really want to go to town on the beautifying & have a laugh pulling some funny faces why not test out Eva Fraser’s facial exercise’s DVD or search facial exercises on YouTube. They’re supposed to knock years off you and help you keep your looks, a number of big name beauty brands take her advice.

Yummy Mummy Home Spa treats:

Nail spa & manicures
Cooling cucumber eye soothers
Straightening/curling hair
Range of facemasks
Neck & shoulder massages

Swap make-up tips

Give each other makeover!

Product swap

Enjoy x

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