My review of pre-loved fashion shopping experience Patatam

I have always been fascinated by ethical fashion and bargain hunting for ‘pre-loved’ branded clothing in charity shops. Over the years I have developed quite a good eye for deals. Recently I came across a new website called Patatam, a great outlet to mix my passion for bargains and ethical fashion. Patatam has launched a few months ago in the UK and I feel it has already revolutionised my online shopping experience. After having originally launched in France in 2013 to help combat the never-ending cycle of children constantly outgrowing their clothes, Patatam was created for people to buy second hand clothing of the highest possible quality. Here are my favourite findings. I have had lots of fun going on the home catwalk with my special little ‘Mario Testino’ photographer in the making, my 12 year old son Diego who took the pictures with iPhone. 

To review this site I set my shopping budget at £50 to get a variety of items and get a feel for the service and products. To my surprise for £50 I purchased nine items, many of which still had price tags. None of them were creased or looked shabby. In fact they all looked new to me despite being tagged as pre-loved. 

This gorgeous flattering dress by brand BODYFLIRT was just £5.59 and looks brand new

Most pieces on the site cost maximum £19.99 for women’s clothing and £14.99 for children – with the majority falling in far less than this. 

This figure hugging dress by French brand AX PARIS is very upbeat and was just £10.49. It’s very warm and suitable for the Winter season.

On top of that I got free delivery (because I bought more than five items) and I was offered free returns. The items arrived 12 hours after pushing the BUY NOW button. They were also wrapped in a eco-friendly lovely fuchsia paper. I was very impressed with the service. I suppose this is possible because everything is stored in the Patatam UK warehouse. Items are shipped directly avoiding the worry of items being un-fulfilled as can happen on many market place sites. Patatam does everything in-house, which might explain the efficiency. 

This dress by WALLIS is gorgeous in leopard print mixed with red colours. Its silky texture feels amazing on the body. It was only £10.14 and great for the Summer.

The shopping experience online was also very pleasant and, contrarily to many user-unfriendly sites, here you can filter and easily search, go back to previously looked products and choose various criteria (Summer/Winter clothing).

It is clear to me from the quality of the items I received that there are teams who scrupulously check each item to make sure it meets their high standards and is the best possible quality. 

Party dress by brand SHELN is a bit daring for me but very sparkly and perfect for a night out. It was only £5.24. A real bargain.

Using services such as Patatam that sells pre-loved women’s clothing at at eco-friendly prices, means to us fashion lovers that we can renew and refresh our wardrobe regularly with pieces from much loved high street shops such as Topshop, Zara and Warehouse. There are over 10,000 items in quite a few size available on-site for occasion dresses or an everyday outfits so the choice is broad. By buying recycled clothing we can help the environment. With sustainability a hot topic of conversation it’s important for me to look for greener alternatives to my day to day shopping – and Patatam allows me to do just this. 

Blouse by ZARA for £5.59 and faux leather trousers by SIMPLY BE for £3.49. Accessories and shoes in all combinations are my own ones.

For fashion shopping Patatam is much better than eBay where I have never been able to find great items at good prices, let alone used clothes. 

Blouse by ODEL for £3.84 (NEW) and faux leather trousers by SIMPLY BE for £3.49.

Patatam is certainly a site that I will save for future shopping:

Tank Top by GEORGE for £2.44 (NEW) and faux leather trousers by SIMPLY BE for £3.49.

Jacket by ATMOSPHERE for £3.68 and faux leather trousers by SIMPLY BE for £3.49.

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