Mumalicious sun-damage treatments

There’s nothing more panic-inducing than spending the day with a beautiful, toned mummy. Her hair will always be perfectly highlighted, she’ll be wearing just enough make-up to look composed & glamorous (not-at-all trashy or WAG-tastic) and her child will always be well behaved. You (me) on-the-other-hand will always be displaying your tummy/arms/butt to their fullest and your child will use his psychic powers of deduction and play up to his fullest and turn you into a jabbering wreck. This is a universal truth, like gravity and what-not.

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Hence my foray into the world of diet and fitness books (and plus the fact I’ve been asked 3 times this week if I’d have another one! Are they trying to tell me something?). I did go and look around my local gym (at the end of the road), but the pool was barely big enough to swing a cat in and it really was more shabby than chic. Instead, I have invested in the good old Atkins Diet book and another book (recently featured in the Telegraph) about walking your way to fitness. I’m hoping there is an easy way to squeeze these into my everyday schedule so I don’t spend an enormous amount of time/effort/money on activities that are impossible to keep to when you have two young children – walking everywhere with the pushchair, is however, something that I can do.

The alternative diets are 5:2 – this is where you eat normally for 5 days of the week and fast for two. The premise being that even if you overeat on the fasting days (to make up for the starvation) over the week you will have a calorie deficit. Since I am the type of mum who constantly picks at the children’s dinners, fasting is never going to work. Perhaps I can limit myself to only the carb-free parts.

This encounter with a real yummy mummy also got me to thinking about my make-up and skincare again. I’ve recently been trying to grow back my eyebrows a little aka Cara Delevingne (fashions lastest BFF). Eyebrows have been big news in fashion beauty for a good few years ago, and can knock years off you, I can remember a phase of growing mine back in 2004! That time it was a disaster and I went around looking like some kind of Tim Burton character. This time, I’ve taken to a bit of gentle shaping as they grow. I would definitely advise this if you are thinking of doing the same.
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Anyway, my efforts were noted and you can imagine my glee when I was mistaken for a 22 year-old by the skincare specialist, who was about to scan my skin and report back on it’s imperfections. Fab. All went well, low scores for wrinkles, pores, dry skin, until they scanned for sun-damage. Ekk. Turns out the UV protection in the skincare/make-up products I’ve been using are not really fit for use. Very misleading if you ask me, but a bit of internet research later and the conclusion is get a good face sunscreen and use it as your daily moisturizer – a friend has recommended a Clarins one to me. I’m going to use it and get a facial rescan in a month or so….the sun can cause so much skin damage.

For further reading and some good tips on sun-damage treatments:

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