Leopard print fashion trend: Why I love to walk on the wild side

I have been in love with the leopard print fashion for a long time. I am glad it has come back as a trend in the last couple of years so I can now find lots of items everywhere. Here I am showcasing some of my best findings while walking on the wild side in leopard print clothes. PURRRFECT! 

This is me sporting a leopard print faux fur coat by V by Very through the streets of London

AVERY Leopard Print Trench

Lauren is size 14 and 5’9”. She is wearing a dress and sandals. It is my favourite look because it is feminine and classy. Perfect for work and a more elegant occasion.

An elegant alternative to a fur coat is a warm trench coat and my favourite one has to be the Avery Leopard Print Trench Coat. The style is very British and classic. The leopard print makes this garment the perfect component for layering this Winter and beyond. This coat has an oversized silhouette and has a length that falls below the knee. You can rock it with a big cosy scarf for an on-trend look. What I also love about Avery is that it is very soft at the touch. At £99.00 it is an investment in a classic piece that can be enjoyed for many years to come. 

Martine is size 8 and 5’10” – With the wide trousers and the short cut boots she is sporting a trendy young look.

There are more trendy Coats from Elvi Ladies Clothing to choose from but this one is my number one choice. The great thing about this coat is that you can machine-wash it warm as an alternative to dry cleaning it.


Fulton’s Lynx Bloomsbury umbrella

What a better accessory to go with the trench coat than this leopard print Fulton’s Lynx Bloomsbury umbrella. It is beautifully-crafted, sophisticated ladies walking umbrella like no other. It feels silky but strong with a double canopy design that conceals ribs for a more sophisticated finish. It is the perfect umbrella to take to a posh event. The outer canopy is plain black and the leopard print inside is very elegant. I love the automatic opening mechanism because it makes it easier when you are coming out of a building, a taxi or a bus. This umbrella measures 84cm long when closed, 94cm when open. It is light and neither huge nor small. 


Leopard print Suit 

If you really really love the Leopard print, you could even get a suit. The Lady Jag OppoSuits is perfect for the office and for a night out. It is very good value for money at £54.95. 

The model is 5’7″ tall and is wearing size UK12.

This suit comes with a warning, though! You will be dangerously attractive and can turn you into the queen of the concrete jungle instantly. So make sure you use it wisely. Put on this women’s leopard print suit and go get ‘em, pussycat! 


Elegant Party Dress for all seasons by Rachel Riley

Fashion designer Rachel Riley has created an exclusive leopard print for one of her classic sleeveless dresses that mum and daughter can wear together at a special event like a wedding or a Summer Party or even a Christmas dinner. The dress has pleats at neckline and skirt in an original fun leopard print with tones of blue. The blue ribbon sash at waist is for the little girl’s dress. The ladies’ design comes with a matching belt in self fabric. Both dresses are fully lined with an invisible side zip. These design has a Fifties’ look and feel which I love. It reminds me of my favourite TV series of all time, Mad Men

The ladies version is £119.00 and the girls is £85.00.  Both can be purchased at www.rachelriley.co.uk 


A more casual leopard print look 

Blouse by ZARA for £5.59 and faux leather trousers by SIMPLY BE for £3.49 from pre-loved fashion shopping website Patatam. Accessories and shoes in all combinations are my own ones.


Bravado Designs – Leopard Print Nursing Bra 

A leopard print aficionado would go to the extent of wearing even a leopard print bra even when breastfeeding. This bra by Bravado Designs is available in a gorgeous, snow leopard design. It’s stylish and comfortable for mums and mums-to-be who can still feeling amazing and on trend while doing the important job in the world.  The contemporary design includes a racer back, a wide bottom band and adjustable straps, allowing for additional support as well as a cool, sporty look. It also includes a handy Bra Conversion Kit so it can be converted from a nursing bra to a ‘regular bra’ once the nursing journey is complete, meaning it’s a great, multifunctional addition to your wardrobe! This feature is totally unique and I wish I had found this when I was breastfeeding. It retails at £27.00. 

For mums with cup sizes DD-E/G, the Original Nursing Bra is also available with a full cup design for further support. 


From royalty to rock stars, the leopard print has made its way through the generations as a striking trend that remains a staple even on today’s catwalks. Despite the print often being associated with a trashy feel, it seems to have remained a consistent trend over the years even with the introduction of punk in the 1970s. The punk transgression made the leopard print a real staple, particularly within musicians. 

While Grace Jones over-use of leopard print might not be your thing, other fashion icons such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn have made this trend very elegant and classy. 

Elizabeth Taylor in the Sixties

While I research for this feature I came across a lady who has taken the leopard print passion so seriously that she covered her car in leopard print… twice. 

Taor Morris told me she was excited about my feature and told me this little story about her passion: “My love for Leopard Print personally started at home, as we are from South Africa originally and my Mum had a lot of fake leopard print furnishings around our childhood home. This then moved on to her helping my Dad come up with the name of the business. My Father said a Leopard never changes its spots and that is how we like to do business. When I joined my Father’s company 13 years ago, I wanted everything to be in Leopard Print (the shoes, the bags, the tops, jumpers, mobile covers etc) so everywhere I went I wore a few items so people started calling me the Leopard lady and that is how I am known now at networking events etc. Then about 8 years ago I bought myself a new car and had the company wrap it for me. Then two years ago I unwrapped that one and bought a new car and wrapped it in better spots. I think if you can live and breath your brand as a way to be spotted 24/7 why not. I am quite particular though on the spots I wear as I can’t stand the tacky Kate Slater (Eastenders) kind of spots. I love Amur leopard spots.”

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