How to style tights: a guide

Styling fashionable outfits in the winter can be difficult. Fashion and cold weather are difficult things to marry. However, tights can be an invaluable accessory during the colder weather. In fact, depending on the look of the tights, they can provide a foundation around which the outfit is built. If you are struggling to construct outfits this season, then keep reading.

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Cosy Knitted Tights

These tights are best kept casual; pair them with a similarly cosy dress or skirt to complete the look. Try not to mix knits too much, although complementary colours can work. Flannels and plaid can also be great accompanists of knit tights. Finally, add a scarf and boots to complete the look.

Patterned Tights

Most people think that patterned tights are a statement piece, and they can be, but depending on the level of pattern and the colours, you can also pair them with other patterns—for example, sheer patterned tights pair well with other simpler patterns like polka dots or stripes. If the tights are colourful, then try to pull out some of the colours and incorporate them into the rest of your outfit for a more cohesive look.

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Colourful Tights

Coloured tights can be worn with other colourful items or prints as long as the colours are complimentary. For example, navy tights tend to pair well with leather or denim pieces. You can opt for tights that match the colours of your accessories and keep the rest of your outfit monochromatic to make the colours pop. Some colours are more suited to the winter season; think burgundy, grey and navy.

Over-the-Knee Tights

These tights pair really well with knitted dresses or oversized jumpers in general. You can also style them with most skirt styles, from skater skirts to miniskirts. You can get these in a variety of colours too, although black is the most common—these pair best with ankle boots or pumps.

Shimmery Tights

These are perfect for the Christmas season. They can add a little pizazz to your festive party looks. There are lots of options, from glittery to bejewelled, which can complete your Christmas party look. For the most impact, you should ideally pair them with a shorter dress or skirt, longer skirts work too, but the overall effect is much more subtle.

Black Tights

Black tights are a classic option, and they go with pretty much anything. The thing that sets apart black tights is the denier rating the lower the denier rating, the more sheer the tights will be. This can also limit your winter options as often the sheer tights are not as warm as the thicker ones, but they can zhuzh up an outfit nicely. Heist has a huge range of tights to choose from, including black, colourful, patterned and over the knee tights, so be sure to check them out.


Whatever style of tights you choose from sheer to patterned, sparkly to plain, your tights have the potential to spice up even the plainest of outfits and make them festive season ready. Tights never go out of style, and they are the perfect foundation to create some cute winter looks.

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