How to Look Beautiful Fast: Beauty Secrets for Busy Mums 

Mums are not just mums — we are drivers (I sometimes call myself ‘mummy taxi), teachers, chefs, volunteers, and over-caffeinated cleaners. So, it’s not really a surprise that we don’t have time for lengthy pampering sessions and shopping sprees. But, with these beauty secrets, even the busiest of mums will get to look amazing. Take notes! 

Tailor your clothes

When dressing like a star, you need to look completely tailored. Clothing that fits you perfectly and is comfortable and easy to wear will highlight your natural beauty and make you feel good in your own skin. If you opt for a dress that’s too short or too tight for your comfort will need constant adjusting which will look awkward. The same goes for scratchy fabrics—your discomfort will show and completely ruin your confidence. So, opt for clothes that make you feel good and you will always look amazing no matter how busy you are. 


Find your signature piece

Now that you have your closet cleared out, you need to find something that will show off your personality and make your outfits stand out. During the long and tiring days, this little detail will definitely make you feel a lot better about the way you look. Here are a few suggestions that can be the cherry on top of your cake: a signature haircut (mine is the Bob), bold shoes (like leopard-print heels), red lips, trendy handbag, a unique hat, sunglasses or your favourite fragrance. My signature perfume is Poeme by Lancome. There’s not a single person who does not mention how good I smell. So now, I feel stuck with it (giggles). 

Boost style with jewellery

Even if you don’t have enough time to refresh your wardrobe every few months, you can still keep your outfits interesting and new. Just grab some stylish jewellery and every outfit will look completely new and appropriate. And don’t think you need to spend hundreds of dollars on one piece of jewellery. If you click here, you will find high-quality yet cost-effective pieces suitable for every occasion from office hours to PTAs and nights out with your friends. 

Highlight your eyes with liner

For many busy women, eyeliner is what makes them feel comfortable and confident. Many women feel practically naked until they put on some makeup. But, once you become a mum, your liner will serve a dual purpose: it makes you look put together and it hides those bags under your eyes. Love to Slay’s free makeup samples are a great way to hit on the right eyeliner.

Get eyelash extensions

If you’re really tight on time, get eyelash extensions. With these, you will always have fabulous lashes, even when you don’t have a touch of makeup on your eyes. Finish your look with a bold lipstick to pull everything together and you’re ready to start your day in literal minutes. 

Forget about your nail polish 

Sure, nail polish on fingers and toes looks great, but chipping and outdated colour will definitely make you look tired. So, you might want to ditch your nail polish and opt for quick manicures and pedicures with a clear topcoat. These will make your life much easier and still give you a neat and clean look. 

Embrace your natural hair

This is probably the hardest tip you can take, but also the most useful one. Embrace your natural hair texture and you will never waste another second on blow drying your hair and having issues with curling or straightening. This move will save you so much time, especially time with your kids. If you have issues falling in love with your natural hair, just dig out a photo of a celebrity that has similar hair to yours and you will see just how amazing your hair type really is. 

Invest in tubs of coconut oil

This is an easy yet so useful tip. Once a week, take an evening off and cover your body with coconut oil (just like you would with a regular moisturiser) and even put some in your hair for deep conditioning. The next morning, you will wake up with the softest and most fragrant skin and hair in your life!  

Even with only five minutes to get ready in the morning, you will always look fabulous with these tricks up your sleeve. You will dazzle everyone who crosses your way and your kids will love having a polished and gorgeous mum! Just do it for yourself, to feel more upbeat, confident and happy. 

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