How to create a perfect T-Shirt for your summer closet

Every wardrobe should have a few pieces that are absolutely unique. You may think that you do not have enough money to own any custom-made attire. It would probably be quite expensive to have a tailor make something cut just for you. However, you can go on an on-demand printing website and make your own t-shirt.

On-demand printers offer an easy and inexpensive way to express yourself with fashion. All you have to do is visit their website, upload a design, and select the article of clothing you would like to have it printed on. They will print it up and send it to you.

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If you put some thought into it, your customised t shirt can be an important addition to your wardrobe.

Create a Shirt that Compliments Your Other Clothes

One of the most frustrating things about putting together a wardrobe is mixing and matching your shirts, pants, and shoes. When you create your own t-shirt design, think about what you will wear it with.

Select a color and a style that will look good with several different pieces in your wardrobe. Remember that both black and white combine well with most other colors. Pink is a great color for summer, and it combines well with gray and light blue.


Think Up Your own Logo Or Signature Symbol

Famous fashion designers always have a logo that distinguishes them from their competition and identifies something about their personal style. Lacoste famously had an alligator on his shirts because he was known for being like an alligator on the tennis court. He was considered thick-skinned and tenacious.

Ask yourself what you are known for. Are you unusual?  Perhaps you can use an image of an exotic fruit or an animal that is only found in the rainforest. If you have a spirit animal, you can put it on a t-shirt in the upper left-hand corner of a henley or two.

An unusual flower will tell people that you are unique, beautiful, and exotic. A picture of a fierce animal will tell people that you are not to be messed with. An image of a treble clef or piano can simply tell people that you are musical.


Show Off Your Sense of Humour

Whether you are the quick-witted one in your group of friends, or you always think of the perfect line to say 10 minutes after a conversation is over, a funny t-shirt will give people a giggle and let them see your fun side.

Funny t-shirts have been popular for the last fifty years. The humor can be sarcastic, raunchy, or thought provoking. If you have strong political opinions or just strong opinions in general, a custom t-shirt is a great way to let people know what you think.


Show off Your Favourite Pet

There is nothing more exciting to a dog than playing outside in the summer. Your baby will look adorable with an outdoor summer background. You can show your dog off wherever you go, even when they are not with you.

No article of clothing says summer quite like the t-shirt. If you make a good shirt, you will be the hit of the office picnic or a party.

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