How to Choose the Perfect Mascara for Your Lashes

My name is Mariyam of the Beautyholic blog and I am London Mums’ new beauty expert. In my first blog I am providing tips on how to choose the perfect mascara for our lashes. Enjoy!


When you go mascara shopping, it is essential that you do a little homework in order to choose the perfect mascara for your lashes. 

It’s always best to try before you buy. Some makeup stores let you use testers while some do not. But when you know what you need in your mascara, your search becomes easy.

These days a lot of beauty and makeup brands are also changing to eco-friendly cosmetics, so going for cruelty-free mascaras will always do good to your eyes and support the ecosystem. That’s a win-win situation. But how do you choose the right mascara for yourself?

So, what mascara options do I have?

There are so many varieties of mascara available in the market depending on the finish of the wand and the brush. Each of us is blessed with unique eyelashes, and that is why we should go for the mascara wand made to suit our type. Here are the different types of mascara wands:

  1. The Hourglass wand

In an hourglass wand, you will find arches on both sides of the applicator. This is meant to uplift your lashes and make them look voluminous. This wand has a curvy brush which will give you a dense outlook. It is usually very pigmented. If you want thick eyelashes you an go for a dramatic mascara of this sort.

  1. The Spiral Wand

A mascara with a spiral brush is perfect it you very short lashes. This mascara should be applied from the root to the tip in a zigzag motion. It is advised that you wipe off excess mascara from your brush before putting it back in the container.

  1. The thick wand

If you are looking for a mascara that will make it look like you are wearing falsies, then you should go for a thick wand. A thick wand comes with a lot of bristles and fills up your lashes. Its thick formula provides a smooth texture.

  1. A Tapered Wand

A tapered wand is the type of mascara which will create a lot of volume at the base and start lowering till the tip. It has a small end which will begin right at the roots of your lashes and move to the tip. The wider part of the wand provides a dense finish.

  1. A Thin Wand

A thin wand is used to cover even the thinnest strands on your eyelashes. With the help of a thin wand, you will be able to coat your lashes from the bottom without making it look clumsy. A thin wand is recommended for those who have straight lashes.

What type of lashes do you have?

Let us now talk about the type of mascara you should buy based on the type of lashes you possess.

  1. Short lashes

If you have short lashes, a thin wand will be perfect for you because it comes with dense bristles that will be able to capture even the thinnest strands on your eyes. A thin wand will be perfect in coating your lashes from the root to the tip and make it look all the more voluminous.


  1. Lengthy Lashes

If you have long lashes, in particular, you should use a formula that will be able to create curls. So, going for a mascara that will be able to add depth to your natural length and make it more intense would be ideal for you. When you use the mascara, you can create a ‘cat-eye’ look without any eyeliner by just combing long lashes to the side of each eye. For this, you will have to focus on the outer end of your lashes.

  1. Lashes that take time to curl

If you have lashes that do not curl easily, then do not fret! You can use an eyelash curler that can help you curl your lashes with ease. After using the eyelash curler, you can go for a mascara that comes with a strong curling formula. Apply the mascara and curl your lashes with your fingers before they die out. This way, you can get the desired curl that you want. 


  1. Short lashes at one side your eyelid and long lashes on the other side

Having such a lash type could be more of a challenge while choosing a mascara. Sometimes, erratic lashes can grow out because of the damage caused by lash extensions. So you must use a mascara that has organic and chemical-free ingredients. This, in return, can also fill in your lashes.

So, picking the perfect mascara isn’t so tricky, right? Hence, we can conclude that by following the type of wands based on the texture, length and thickness of your lashes, you will be able to get the perfect stroke on your lashes. For more beauty tips check out the London Mums’ beauty section

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