How to choose summer bedtime clothes for girls: A guide for parents

Kids, as a general rule, love the summertime. There are no dreary days indoors, and there is also no school, meaning that they can spend all of their time running around outside and having fun with their friends, siblings, or pets!

Of course, warmer weather requires the right clothing and even children can become incredibly uncomfortable during those hot summer nights. As a parent, you may be wondering how you can get your young girls to sleep comfortably and properly during those warmer nights and what bedtime clothes may be the best option.

Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right night clothes for those humid August evenings.

Loose Fitting

First things first, you won’t want any night clothes that you choose to be tight fitting. This is because tight clothes prevent sweat from evaporating off of the skin. 

Girls nightwear, which is designed for summertime, will usually be loose fitting, and if you are overly concerned about the temperature where you live being too warm (or having a lack of air-con), it may be worth buying a nightdress a few sizes too big. This will help with ease of movement in the night as well as sweat evaporation.


Natural Fabrics

Any clothing that is going to be worn on hotter days or nights needs to be made of natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, and maybe even hemp. Why? Well, these fabrics absorb moisture and do not allow sweat to rub against the skin, which can cause rashes. Any night dresses that you purchase for your daughter will need to be made of natural material to ensure she doesn’t get clammy in the middle of the night, which will help her to sleep and not be cranky the next day. Yes, polyester clothes may be cheaper, but they are linked to itchiness and sweat accumulation, so try to get as much natural fabric clothing as you can!


No-Hassle Washing

It sounds obvious, but when it comes to buying clothes for young children, you don’t want the items to have a difficult wash cycle. Indeed, this is another pro of opting for natural fabrics; they are easier to wash and can be cleaned in a standard washing machine cycle. When looking at nightwear in shops, make sure to look at the labels; you will want a simple wash cycle that can prevent your daughters(s) from being without their clothing on hotter nights. Natural fabrics are also less inclined to shrink, so this can be another bonus of choosing night clothes that are cotton or bamboo. 


Buy Multiples

Hotter nights equate to more sweat. More sweat equates to bedtime clothes that smell and may become stained. If you have multiple children, you will likely have a lot of laundry to do, so it is always best when buying any clothing set to get multiple. This will stop the stress of having to wash items quickly and will also ensure that your kids don’t have to wear clothes that smell like stale sweat to bed. Again, that is more comfortable and prevents rashes. 

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