Hello Summer

I might have slightly miscalculated when I applied the hair dye inbetween putting dinner in the oven and eating it. And I certainly hadn’t counted on my other half actually getting home in time to eat with me. What a picture, plastic bag wrapped around my carefully applied home dye, muffin tops on full display (I had thoughtfully removed my top to prevent accidents). Delightful.

And thus we welcome in summer.

Emma Fotherby @ Ilkley Happiness Centre

Those days have arrived when you gayly roll your trousers up a little higher, only to realise hours later that the hairs on your legs are almost long enough to plait. The light is bright & beautiful and suddenly you find yourself staring at a host of grey hairs you didn’t know were there. And the big, cosy knits of winter are no longer a viable option to cover-up a multitude of sins.

Yes that’s right ladies, it’s time. We may all have been able to hide unpainted toenails and unkept bodies over the past few long cold months but it is now definitely time to whip those bodies into shape.

Revive your look this summer with some quick beauty fixes and summer updates that’ll keep you up with The Jones’ – or Mrs Jones at least.

Nails – this seasons hot colour is a beautiful bright pink. Almost, but not quite, fluorescent. Nars have a beautiful one as does the organic beauty website ‘a beautiful world’.

Two coats & a good layer of gloss & you’ll be Ibiza-ready, even if it is just for going to the park.

Body – yours is probably as white as mine, so get your fake tan at the ready. Top tip – use a hand muff, they’re cheap & Tesco’s, SuperDrug, Boots stock them.

And there are two types of fake tan – wash off & ones that develop. Wash off ones are fab when your running short on time & realise you have pearly white legs beneath your skirt. Rimmel do a great one.

If you are pearly white (like me), go for a lotion for fair skins, not the dark tan. Xen-Tan comes highly recommended and has a range of products depending on your skin tone.

Use the mitt & you’ll be looking sun drenched in no time.

Bronzer & shimmer sticks. Fab. Make sure you have the right ones for your skin tone.

Water – if your skin is dry & your wrinkles look worse, try upping your water intake. It should plump out those dehydrated sunken areas. It will make a massive difference.

Mummy tummy – I wish there was an easy answer to this. There are anti-cellulite & firming creams. The Dior one smells amazing. But, they are not going to make you look a stone lighter.

An easy-fix to help you get that bikini body is to stop picking. No finishing off of the kids dinners, no snacking, swap lattes for tea. These simple steps could reduce your daily calorie intake considerably.
If you want to try a little harder there are some simple mummy-friendly exercises in the tone section of another article of mine.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a kid-friendly yoga class locally, definitely try it out. A friend of mine has just started one in Leeds and its due in a hall near you soon.

Sunglasses – A MUST. These will protect you from harmful rays & keep your wrinkles at bay. Wear as often as possible. They also cover a multitude of sins and you don’t need make-up! Win, win.

Fragrance – changing your fragrance for summer can give you an instant lift. Something lighter, citrusy is nice. Dior’s ‘Les Escales De Dior’ collection are sure-fire summer hits. And for a quick treat try using up some of those left over after-sun lotions, the fragrances can instantly transport you to the beach.

Lastly, don’t forget to update your skincare regime for summer. You’ll likely need a thinner moisturiser. If you’ve caught the sun, check your foundation is still a good match and if you can find the time a good all over body scrub will help you shed the winter build up.

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