Fashion: Handbag trends for Summer 2014

We love fashion, don’t we! Handbag trends for this Summer 2014 are quite quirky and bold. If you are a new mum or have had another baby, do not despair as fashion has landed in maternity and changing bags too. From geometric shapes and bold colours, here are Summer handbag trends for London Mums to look out for.

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Established in 2013, Leather Handbags Callista is renowned for its timeless designs, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans at their Athens atelier. With a commitment to superior quality, the brand sources premium leather from reputable Italian suppliers, ensuring each piece exudes enduring elegance.

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In addition to their dedication to craftsmanship, Leather Handbags Callista offers Bespoke & Repair services, providing personalised attention and longevity for each handbag. Committed to ethical production practices, the brand actively supports community initiatives, making a positive impact beyond the realm of fashion.



Mia Tui

Mia Tui bags are some of my favourite ones. I got a shiny red one when my son was a baby as I felt then it was designed for busy women (MUMS!) and trendy fashionistas on the go and not like a non-fashionable boring changing bag. Mia Tui bags are unique as they have an internal organisation system, allowing Mum to have everything she needs to hand, but the designs are stylish and ‘anti-cupcake’ allowing mums to still feel like fashionable women and on trend. There are 9 Styles of bags available in 8 bold Colours. This plum Olivia handbag is stunning but the red one is also an eye turner.

mia tui collageMia Tui’s handbags are suitable for the anti ‘Mummy’ (no cupcakes here please!) and offer Mums a more stylish option, they are for Mums who are not prepared to lose their identity. They are Mums’ friendly bags in disguise and can be used in place as a normal handbag – the internal bottle holder works perfectly for keeping your water bottle cool and doubles as an excellent umbrella holder, not just for baby!
The no cupcake motto is a phrase Mia Tui have coined for all the Mums out there who are not prepared to start baking ever weekend and accessories with bags decorated with cupcakes just because they are now ‘yummy mummies’. We’ve nothing against cupcakes, or people who want to wear them – it’s just not for us!

JJ Cole

jjcole green grey fashion bag jmlaa

JJCole Lime Satchel Bag – aspen arbor

This satchel is on trend with the colours of this season. The spacious interior includes multiple organizational compartments while the exterior offers easily-accessible open and zippered pockets (7 exterior, 4 interiors pockets). I love the lime colour a

Camden Town Bag by Jack Wolfskin

PG31 Pretty Things Handbag Camden Town Brand Jack Wolfskin Retail Price £50.00

Camden Town Bag by Jack Wolfskin
RRP £50.00

The colour of this bag is amazing and certainly on trend. The style is more casual for the sporty mums of function junkies. There’s enough space for a tablet and a whole host of everyday equipment both under and on the front flap. Harking back to Jack Wolfskin’s early days the shoulder bag features a base made from synthetic buckskin and bold natural dyes. With an adjustable padded shoulder strap you’ll be ready for any outdoor adventure. Check out other models at  You can get it from the


jjcole clutch fashion bag jpdsa_style2

Changing Clutch
JJ Cole
This sleek clutch unfolds to a padded wipeable changing area.

From book inspired geometric shaped clutches to bold prints, the quirkier your clutch bag the better. Check out this practical clutch by JJ Cole.


jjcole clutch fashion bag silver clack jmcsd_H_InUse

Caprice bag in Silver Drop
RRP £70
JJ Cole
It fits all baby accessories and the iPad! You can go out at night with it too without worrying that it looks like a changing bag.

jjcole fashion bag jmlhn_style01_crop(1)

Charcoal Infinity
RRP £59.99
JJ Cole


JJCole bags are affordable and practical for mums as they fit lots of useful accessories and pockets meaning that mums choose to make their handbag double up as a changing bag, or they ditch the handbag altogether and embrace the baby bag option instead. Once you get used to baby bags, it’s difficult to get back to smaller sized bags.

The black and white prints are always classic and make a good investment if you want to wear them for a few seasons. This year they are back on trend and particularly popular again alongside the bold bags. 

What type of bag does a new parent really want to carry; arm candy or arm handy?

JJ Cole recently asked a panel of yummy mummies to think about their own style and choose one of the following profiles that they felt fits them best:

34% told us they are Function Junkies – These practical ladies want a handbag that is functional first and foremost; looks alone are not enough to constitute the perfect changing bag.

34% revealed they are in search of a classic– Good quality is everything to these timeless beauties. The bag they purchase will stand the test of time and continue to look chic and beautiful for years to come, while still remaining functional.

18% confessed to be Trendy Fashionistas – These stylish ladies follow the religion of fashion and a handbag has to reflect the latest trend predicted by Vogue. It may not be functional, but boy do they look FAB-U-LOUS!

14% I don’t really care – A small portion of busy mums believe a bag is just a bag and don’t understand the fashion frenzy. Hand these ladies a Sainsbury’s bag for life and they are ready to take on the world.

0% Designer Divas – None of the mums surveyed showed a desire for expensive designer labels. These economical mums are more than happy to leave that Prada bag on the shelf and save the remaining cash for a rainy day.

Overall, 68% of our new mums opted for utility over fashion, opting for a quality bag with handy features. Leaving devoted fashion followers and fashion faux pas in the minority with only 32% of the overall votes.

JJCole Swag Bag - Silver Drop £15.99 (discounted from £70). It's a REAL BARGAIN! The ultimate in fashion and function. This chic change bag features a body made of rich patterned fabric complemented by a soft, animal-friendly faux leather top. The spacious interior includes multiple organizational compartments while the exterior offers easily-accessible open and zippered pockets.

JJCole Swag Bag – Silver Drop
£15.99 (discounted from £70). It’s a REAL BARGAIN!
The ultimate in fashion and function. This chic change bag features a body made of rich patterned fabric complemented by a soft, animal-friendly faux leather top. The spacious interior includes multiple organizational compartments while the exterior offers easily-accessible open and zippered pockets. This is my favourite JJ Cole bag of all with the silver pocket spicing up the black and white prints and making it look like a bag for a girlie night out!

More than half (59%) of the mums who participated in the research said that they would ditch their pre-mum handbag all-together, making the changing bag an important item on the list of baby purchases.

Although the “ideal” changing bag is down to personal choice, the panel of Mums consider size to be the most important aspect of a changing bag, not just the capacity to carry all you need, but also the way in which the bag is organised. Compartments and pockets should be easily accessible to ensure that supplies can be grabbed with one hand, whilst juggling baby with the other.

It is dangerous to choose a bag that’s too big. The bigger the bag, the more you will pack, making it bulky and difficult to carry.

Here are the most important features that our experienced mums felt were most important:
1.      Size
2.      A detachable changing mat
3.      Lots of pockets & compartments
4.      Waterproof
5.      Separate zipped area for dirty items
6.      Washable or wipe-clean lining
7.       Insulated bottle pocket
8.      Buggy clips
9. An adjustable padded shoulder strap

Once you’ve decided what features best fit your needs, the last step is choosing a look. Over 30% of new parents surveyed, revealed that they take their partner into consideration when purchasing a changing bag. A bright floral number may be your style, yet most men wouldn’t be spotted carrying it. So if you’re only purchasing one bag, choosing one that appeals to both Mum and Dad is a must. Buying a gender neutral bag that you both like is ideal from a money perspective and will make the transition of care from Mum to Dad a clean and easy swap.

Women shouldn’t need to make the choice between fashion and function. Cleverly combining fashion with practicality, this beautiful range of bags and accessories means every Mum, or Dad, can be out and about in style.

Whichever style of bag you go for, think carefully about your needs before you purchase, the bag you choose will be a constant companion in those early years so you need to really love it!

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