Hair Care Tips For Healthy Locks While Travelling

Keeping your hair healthy when travelling is never easy, particularly if you are travelling with regular sized products. But with a number of brands being sold internationally, you can continue your daily hair care routine for the best possible results throughout the course of your trip. In this article, we will be giving you some of our hair care tips for healthy locks whilst you travel.

Take Travel Sizes of Your hair Care Products

When staying in a hotel, it may seem tempting to use the shampoo and conditioner provided, however, this can be harsh to the hair and could lead to the natural oils being stripped from the hair. By taking travel sizes of your beloved hair care products, you can keep up with your daily routine and keep your hair looking great throughout the duration of your trip, regardless of how long you are staying for.

Avoid Styling With Heat

Another haircare trick when travelling it to either avoid or minimise the amount of styling that you do using heat. When exposed to saltwater and excessive amounts of sun, your hair can become dry. Styling with heat will then cause the hair to become brittle and could lead to the hair breaking or begin to thin. Though this is not serious at this stage, excessive styling could lead to severe hair loss. This can then be resolved by undergoing a procedure such as an affordable Turkey hair transplant to rejuvenate the hairline and encourage growth with natural-looking results.

Use UV Protection

If you are spending prolonged period of the day in the hot sun, it is important to use UV protection on your hair the same way that you would with your skin. This will not only help you to prevent burning on the scalp, but it will help to prevent the sun bleaching the hair, leading it to become dry and brittle. Whether this is applied to the hair in the shower or is sprayed on after styling, this will help to keep moisture in the hair, ensuring that it looks its best throughout the course of the day.

Wash Saltwater Off

The final way to care for your hair when you are travelling is to wash off any saltwater that may be left on the hair. This should be done immediately after spending time in the ocean or the swimming pool as saltwater can strip moisture from the hair and lead to breakage. Use both conditioner and shampoo following the time in the sea and allow your hair to air dry to lock in moisture and create natural beachy waves that are perfect for any holiday outfit. Repeat this process whenever you need to keep your hair as healthy as possible when travelling.

Regardless of where you are travelling to in the coming months, it is vital that you care for your hair as you would with your skin to prevent permanent damage and the appearance of split ends. Which of these will you be trying the next time you travel?

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