Five Tips for Buying the Perfect Prom Dress for Your Daughter

One of the biggest moments in a teenage girl’s life is her prom. It is a coming of age ritual for many girls, and a moment for them to show off and have a memorable evening with their friends. You want her to look good without spending a fortune, and she wants to look great, feel comfortable, and not look like everyone else. This is why you need to have a plan of action to make sure that both of you will be happy. Here are five tips for buying the perfect prom dress for your daughter. 

Plan Early

The importance of this cannot be understated. The sooner you start planning for the prom dress purchase, the sooner you’ll be able to save up for it and have a reasonable idea of what a good one would cost. Starting shopping ahead of the crowd gives you the widest selection of dresses and ensures that the dress you order online will arrive in time.


Set a Budget that Takes Everything into Account

You need to set a realistic budget that takes everything into account. You probably won’t just be buying a dress. You may be buying shoes, a purse, jewellery, or even a bra to go along with the dress. Your daughter may already have the vision of the perfect dress in her head, but her vision might not be aligned with your budget. That’s why it’s very important that you let her know your limits and what you can actually afford.

You could also consider having her contribute to the cost if she wants something a bit more expensive. If she currently works part-time, she could always make up the difference with her own money. Or you could find another way that she could pay the difference off. This way, she’ll be able to appreciate her prom dress more and she’ll learn a little bit about responsibility and self-reliance.


Look for Deals Online

Shopping online is a great option since online suppliers often have much better deals and a wider selection of dresses. If you’re going to buy a dress online, make sure that you have your measurements taken by a professional first if you want to get the proper fit. And make sure that you check the return policy so there won’t be any issues if you need to return the dress.

If you’re shopping for a dress online, make sure that you go with a reputable supplier with years in the business and a solid reputation, like JVN, for instance. The designer prom dresses by JVN are reasonably priced and they have tons of different models you can choose from. They also have a section of dresses under $200 for those who otherwise couldn’t afford a new dress. So, that’s a great option if you’re low on budget but still want to get a high-quality dress she’ll be proud to wear.

Be Aware of the Other Limits You Must Work Within

Ask the school for its dress code since there is no point in buying a dress they won’t let her wear. Take the time to gather your daughter’s measurements. Then you’ll know how long the skirt should be, so it is not too far above the knee, and you won’t buy a dress with a plunging neckline that won’t be considered too revealing.

Common restrictions include dress length, shoulder strap width, and colour. This is why knowing how wide your daughter’s bra straps are relative to those on the dress can keep her out of trouble. And knowing the colour scheme of the evening gives her the opportunity to find a prom dress that matches.

Measurements can also cause issues. Formal wear may not follow the same sizing system as the casual wear brands she wears. Take the measurements for her chest, hips, and waist. Measure how far it is from her waist to her knees and her waist to the lowest point you want the front or back of the dress to go. Then you can gauge whether the dress is long enough and whether it will fit properly.


Work with What Your Daughter Wants

One of the best ways to find a prom dress you’ll both appreciate is if you work with what your daughter wants. Discuss fashion in general and dress styles and select something she likes that you’re willing to let her wear. If the prom dresses aren’t quite your style, remember that evening dresses can all be worn to prom as well, as long as they meet requirements. Another plus is that she’ll be able to wear this dress for many other occasions as well.



Your daughter’s prom will be one of the most memorable nights of her life. That’s why it’s essential that you take the proper steps to make sure that it will be memorable for the right reasons.

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