FitFlop trainers review: A stylish solution for busy mums

As the back-to-school rush kicks in, it’s easy for mums to overlook their own needs amidst the flurry of lunch boxes, drop-offs, and errands. Enter FitFlop’s exquisite range of women’s trainers, offering the perfect blend of comfort and style that every mum deserves.

FitFlop’s commitment to ‘Tender Loving Foot Care’ (TLFC) is evident in every pair. Each trainer boasts either the revolutionary ANATOMICUSHTM footbed technology or the innovative triple-density Microwobbleboard midsole, ensuring unparalleled comfort for those on the move.

FitFlop trainers A stylish solution for busy mums collage

Whether it’s for a night out in the west end or a run in the park, I find these shoes so comfortable that I forget that I am wearing them.

For those leaning towards athleisure styles, the ANATOMICUSHTM footbed technology is a game-changer. Its anatomical contouring increases foot-to-midsole contact, while the super-light cushioning with slip-resistant rubber pods ensures practicality and safety. Moreover, flex lines on the sole facilitate natural foot movement, adding a touch of freedom to every step.

Alternatively, the flatform styles feature FitFlop’s patent-pending Microwobbleboard midsole, engineered by leading British biomechanists. This marvel absorbs shock and diffuses pressure, providing an extra layer of comfort and support.

With sizes ranging from 3 to 9, FitFlop offers a versatile selection of 9 stylish options perfectly suited for the school run. From the chic F-MODE Leather Mix Flatform Trainers to the timeless RALLY Leather Trainers, there’s a pair to suit every taste and outfit.

Founded in 2007, FitFlop has become a global lifestyle brand synonymous with innovation and footwear technology. Their unwavering dedication to wellness shines through in every product, empowering individuals to move better and feel fantastic.

FitFlop’s women’s trainers are more than just shoes; they’re a lifestyle choice designed for those who refuse to be limited by discomfort. Elevate your daily routine with FitFlop – where style meets comfort in perfect harmony.


  • F-MODE Leather Mix Flatform Trainers: £140
  • RALLY Leather Trainers: £100
  • RALLY Tumbled-Nubuck Crepe Trainers: £140
  • RALLY Tumbled-Leather Crepe Trainers: £130
  • RALLY Leather/Suede Panel Trainers: £100
  • F-MODE Leather/Suede Flatform Trainers: £140
  • RALLY Strap Leather Trainers: £100

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My personal review: A crochet crush: Fitflop’s F-MODE E01 Flatform Trainers

FitFlop trainers A stylish solution for busy mums collage

Price: £170.00

Colour: Steel Blue

Fitflop has truly outdone themselves with their F-MODE E01 Crochet/Suede Flatform Trainers. These stacked sneakers are likely to inspire a crochet crush amongst fashion-forward mums in London. The sporty uppers, featuring a retro-cool folksy fabric, combined with chunky yet lightweight soles make for a statement shoe that is superbly crafted.

What sets these trainers apart is the meticulous combination of butter-soft premium suede, tanned without using chromium, and a recycled two-tone crochet knit. This not only adds an extra touch of luxury but also speaks volumes about their eco-friendliness. The contrast crochet stitching along the toe and heel seams adds a refined boho aesthetic that’s bound to turn heads.

Comfort is paramount with these trainers. They’re padded throughout, with extra thickness in the tongue and collar where you need it most. The flatform-version of the triple-density Microwobbleboard™ midsole provides unbeatable ergonomics, cloud-like cushioning, and a touch of extra height. It’s a perfect marriage of scene-stealing style and serious comfort.

Fitflop takes sustainability seriously, and it shows in the construction of these trainers. The suede in the uppers has been tanned using an innovative process that eliminates chromium salts, heavy metals, and dangerous acids. This not only ensures a high-quality leather but also reduces pollution and promotes cleaner water streams.

As part of their e01 project for more sustainable footwear, a percentage of recycled/reprocessed/natural materials are used in these trainers. This includes a 100% recycled PET polyester crochet knit upper, laces, and antibacterial mesh footbed. The main lining is 85% recycled PET polyester, while the insole foam is 30% reprocessed PU foam. Even the midsole features 10% tea stalks, and the outsole has 10% reprocessed white rubber speckles. All sourced from suppliers certified by the Global Recycle Standard.

The footbed technology, featuring the patent-pending Microwobbleboard midsole, is the cherry on top. Engineered by British biomechanists, it not only provides extraordinary comfort but also helps absorb shock and diffuses underfoot pressure. It’s a game-changer for those seeking both style and support.

Reviews from satisfied customers echo my sentiments. These trainers are true to size and incredibly comfortable, earning numerous positive comments. The availability of a crochet style in the perfect color is a dream come true for many. Some users even express their desire for a no-tie lacing option, hinting at a potential customisation option in the future.

Fitflop’s F-MODE E01 Flatform Trainers are a triumph of style, comfort, and sustainability. They’re a testament to Fitflop’s dedication to creating footwear that not only looks good but also feels good, both for your feet and the planet. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting a second pair in a different colour. These trainers are a must-have for any mum on the go!

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