Fashion tips: How to pair Dr Martens boots with various outfits 

Alright, lovely London Mums, let’s talk about the iconic Dr. Martens new soft leather boots, which are my latest fashion love. If you’ve been keeping an eye on your favourite celeb’s street style, you’ve probably spotted these chunky wonders everywhere. Now, we’re not saying they’re groundbreaking, but they’ve had a comeback hotter than a fresh cuppa. Gone are the days when Dr. Martens were only for grunge or goth-core aficionados. Today, it’s all about making these bad boys part of your everyday style. London streets are buzzing with fashionistas rocking Docs with everything from comfy leggings to mini dresses and, believe it or not, even suits. So, grab a cuppa and let’s dive into 14 fab ways to strut your stuff with Dr. Martens, the British way!

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  1. Blue Jean Boost: Elevate your go-to blue jeans with the iconic Dr. Martens touch. Fashion-forward basics, coming right up!
  2. Mixing Hard with Soft: Soft fabrics meet leather boots for a delightful style contrast. Lace, silk, and a touch of ruffle – who knew it would work so well?
  3. Breaking the Black Barrier: Swap classic black Docs for a splash of white or vibrant hues. Liven up your look with contrasting laces. Edgy never looked so chic!
  4. Maxi Dresses, Meet Martens: Unlikely partners, but oh-so-perfect. Give your formal maxi dress a laid-back vibe with rugged Dr. Martens. Ruffles and boots? Absolutely!
  5. Mini Dresses with an Edge: Forget stilettos; give your mini dresses a comfort and style upgrade with the ever-complementary Dr. Martens. Night-out looks just got cooler.
  6. Sleek Sweats Makeover: Say goodbye to slides, and hello to a sleek lounge-wear ensemble with Dr. Martens. Sweatpants never looked this intentional – casual meets cool.
  7. Leggings / Leather trousers and Docs Combo: Channel the ’90s vibe by pairing boots with leggings as well as leather trousers and an oversized jacket. Structure for your leggings? Doc’s got you covered.
  8. Trousers with Attitude: Office-friendly trousers get a dose of edge. Dress them down effortlessly with Dr. Martens, turning the ordinary into extraordinary.
  9. Shorts All-Year Round: Dr. Martens and shorts – a dynamic duo. Extend your shorts’ lifespan into fall with a little help from your favourite boots and a cheeky sock peeking out.
  10. Skirting the Casual: Skirts of all styles meet their match. Pleated, ruffled, or denim – Dr. Martens keep it casual, preventing your outfit from going too formal. Balance is the key, darling!
  11. Cool Contrasts: Experiment with Docs and items that seem a bit much. Blazers, polka-dot tights, sequins – let your Dr. Martens be the grounding force for cool contrasts.
  12. Pastels and Docs Delight: Break away from black shoes. Pair your Docs with bright or pastel pieces for a fresh and fun look. Bonus points for coordinating socks – it’s all in the details!
  13. Trench Chic: Trench coats meet the Docs – classic meets classic. A chic combo, especially on those typical London rainy days.
  14. Suiting Up with Martens: Forget the standard Oxfords; bring on the Dr. Martens oomph. Amp up the modern, playful factor with a crop top, vintage tee, or sports jersey. Suiting up just got cooler.
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There you have it, London Mums! Your Dr. Martens guide to strutting the streets with that unmistakable British flair. Cheers to embracing the Docs and making every outfit a statement!
Dr. Martens soft leather boots

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