Fashion advice for mums who are sick of feeling frumpy

As mum, you probably already know a fair bit about fashion. But no matter how many magazines you peel through, you still feel annoyingly frumpy. You can’t bust out of your current situation.

In this article we go back to basics. We look at some of the basic style principles that you need to employ if you want to put an end to the frump and live your best life yet. 


Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Patterns And Prints

Mixing patterns and prints seems like it should be a big no-no because of the risk of clashing. But for most outfits, it works surprisingly well. In fact, when you mix patterns and prints, it automatically helps you come across as chic, confident and sexy.

If you’re not sure about pairings right now, just copy all the tried and tested approaches other people have already developed. Mixing polka dots with stripes or florals almost always works well. If in doubt, use your own judgement. 


Read Up On Fashion And Accessories

It’s also a good idea to really read what fashion experts say about fashion. It’s not a purely creative process that you have to do on the spot. It’s something with underlying principles that support it. For instance, reading a Vogue or WatchBox article can provide important insights, not only on the history of fashion, but also on how certain designers are able to create smash hits every time. 


Spend The Lion’s Share Of Your Budget On Staples

If you have a big party coming up, it can be tempting to blow all your cash on a stunning dress from a designer label. But that won’t leave much money in the kitty for your day-to-day wear. 

If you can afford to splurge, then look for things that will fit your existing wardrobe (or with each other if you’re replacing your entire wardrobe). 

If you’re buying classics, look for a white shirt and black blazer. Then add other items to your collection around these core elements. 


Show Your Skin Selectively

Just because you’re getting a little older doesn’t mean you have to avoid showing any skin at all. The trick to feeling confident is to do it selectively. In other words, if you’re wearing a low-cut top, leave the cleavage open but cover the arms and legs. Similarly, if you’re showing off your arms, keep your clothing tight around the neck. Revealing small patches of skin eliminates the frump but also avoids you looking or feeling uncomfortable. 


Adopt Trends In An Age-Appropriate Way

If you’re past the age of 30, you don’t have to completely ignore trends as they come around. You just have to adapt them in a way that works for your age. For instance, if short skirts are in fashion, you can opt for a skirt that sits high on the navel and pair it with leggings. The high waist creates the effect of a short skirt, without actually revealing large chunks of your body. You automatically look chic and hip, without having to go to the same extremes.

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