Christmas Beauty Essentials – Gifting ideas

The Winter season is tough on our skin so it’s important during the festivities to treat our body like a temple. Here are my favourite Christmas Beauty Essentials to end the year with a glow.

Olverum bath Oil 125ml  RRP £23.45

Olverum Bath Oil IMG_0200

Olverum Bath Oil is a beauty essential item that every woman deserves in her Me-Time to sooth and revive while everyday stress and tension evaporate in a long aromatic moment of blissful indulgence. It contain essential oils, extracted from carefully selected aromatic plants, that fuse together to provide the concentrated therapeutic benefits that transform your bath into a calming and invigorating spa experience for mind and body. Personally I loved the way it left my skin after the bath: soft like baby skin. Naturally my skin is a bit dry so Olverum Bath Oil’s refined plant oils are very light and easily absorbed by my body, providing instant relief for my dry skin (particularly hands and joints) and leaving it beautifully soft and supple. An Olverum bath can also be particularly beneficial in helping you to recuperate from the symptoms of cold or flu. Essential oils of pine, lavender, eucalyptus, lemon and exotic verbena create Olverum Bath Oil’s characteristic invigorating vapour which helps to clear blocked sinuses, eases catarrh, bronchitis and asthma and allows you to breathe more easily.

Sothys Gift Pack for Autumn / Winter 

xmas COMPO_PACKS_+_FRUITS_Myrtille_Cranberry

To combat the effects of the Winter season on our skins, beauty brand Sothys introduces Limited Edition Seasonal AW/15 Oxygenating Facial Treatment with three home use products. All are enriched with Blueberry and Cranberry extracts, which act as anti-oxidants and aid to hydrate the skin and restore its radiance. These active ingredients combined with a complex of multifunctional anti-toxins help to reactivate cell regeneration and deliver an essential dose of minerals and a boost of oxygen to fight the aggressions of the winter. The gift pack is available in Sothys Salons and Spas nationwide and includes the following:


This product is rich in white clay and also contains exfoliating grains. If you use it regularly (I did it once a week for a month), as a mask, it acts as a source of oxygen, or every day, as an exfoliant to restore radiance to the skin.


This product gives an essential dose of Minerals and boosts levels of oxygen in the skin, the perfect preparation for winter. Mix of multifunctional anti-toxins and a cocktail of minerals act against cellular tiredness, as well as revitalising and stimulating cellular defence.


This rich, dense cream formulated with Shea butter hydrates and protects hands against the ravages of winter. This delicious cream is quickly absorbed, leaving hands soft, smooth and fragrant.


Love Boo bedtime set for new mum and her baby

xmas gift guide Sleep_Snuggle_Bedtime_Set_Opt2
Getting a new baby to sleep can sometimes seem impossible, yet settling a new baby into a bedtime routine is usually one of the first tasks parents are eager to achieve. There’s no magic wand that can be waved to help babies sleep (although we wish there was!) but there are a number of things parents can do to teach baby that bed time is near. Love Boo have created a Sleep & Snuggle Bedtime Set that includes:

Soft & Splashy Bubbles
Start your bedtime with a warm bath of Soft & Splashy bubbles to create a mass of foamy fun. Made with only kind and soothing ingredients including marshmallow extract and oats, this bed time treat will gently cleanse and moisturise baby’s delicate skin.

Kind & Creamy Baby Lotion
A gentle massage with this super-gentle lotion after a relaxing bath is a great signal to baby that it’s time to wind down. Love Boo’s Kind & Creamy Baby Lotion contains Tahitian Monoi, from Tiare blossoms and pomegranate extract to hydrate and protect baby’s precious skin.

Sleep & Snuggle Pillow & Room Spray
Just before you kiss baby good night, spritz a little Sleep & Snuggle Pillow & Room spray to help soothe baby into a deeper sleep. Pillow & Room spray contains 100% natural essential oils – chamomile, lavender and patchouli, all known for their sleep-inducing properties which can encourage baby sleep deeply.

Snuggle & Sleep Bed Time Set is an ideal gift for new parents or a baby shower present. It is available from RRP £22.99

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