Busy Mums guide to winter skin care

At this time of year it’s easy to forget your beauty routine, to hide away behind a thick hat and scarf. The drop in air temperature, biting wind and blasts of central heating will dry out even the most supple of skin. It’s definitely time to take stock and redefine your beauty regime for the winter. With the long nights ahead what better way to relax than soaking in a long hot bath and smothering on a beautiful moisturiser after – your body, mind and possibly even your partner (if not sleeping in the spare room because your little one is in with you) will thank you for it.

Here are my tips for staying on top of your winter beauty regime:

Rehydrate – A dehydrated body will lead to grey, sallow skin in the short-term and many more wrinkles long-term. Keep hydrated and your skin will reap the benefits, afterall we are 80% water.

Try to start each day with a glass of water (even if it is followed by a strong coffee!), and think about replacing one or two of those cups of tea/tall skinny lattes with a cup of hot water – try it, it’s surprisingly warming, guilt-free and momentarily halo-inducing.
Salads and fruit are high in water content and easily absorbed too, so don’t ditch them just because the temperature has dropped.

Moisturise – …wherever possible. Moisturising soaps,  showergels, wipes, tissues, bring them on. And use the time you save shaving your legs this time of year to apply moisturizer (although you might want to shave you legs once in a while!). Quite often brands have a lotion and a creme, the lotion being runny & easy absorbed and the creme much thicker, it may take a few minutes to soak in. I like to stock up on quality body creams every mother’s day.

Protect – Try to protect your skin from the elements as much as possible. It might be good exercise to take the kids for a brisk walk/play in the park but the last thing you want to take home are chapped lips and cheeks. Find a good travel-sized moisturiser and put it in your coat pocket, that way you will never be caught out. This is the best winter friend you can have.

Foundation – Your skin changes colour throughout the year but do you adjust your foundation to match? The foundation that was right for you during the summer months is more than likely the wrong shade for you now it’s winter. The best way to check is to use your ring finger to smooth a thin line of foundation across your cheek about an inch above your jawline. Check in the mirror to see how well it matches – ask a friend for their opinion if you’re not sure. Another great tip is to have two consecutive colours, starting with the lightest, you can then mix your perfect tint each day.

Sleep – Always in my top tips whatever the weather. Now the days are closing in you have all the more reason to snuggle up in bed early, with a good book or DVD. At least if you fall asleep in bed you won’t have the dreadful post-tv stiff neck and late night walk of shame.

My final pièce de résistance for any emergency dry cracked lips, skin, hands, feet… smother on a very well known petroleum jelly at night, you’ll wake up as good as new.

Winter skin care.

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