Bum bags – the ultimate festival stylish fashion essentials

Have you ever heard the word bum bags? I didn’t but I see many especially at concerts. Can bum bags be stylish? With UK festival season in full gear now, the question always is how to dress for parties outdoor with uncertain weather and how to carry valuables by keeping the look. It’s much better to be shopping stylish festival fashion than spending time praying it won’t rain too hard! I have recently been gifted top new bum bags by Spiral to use during outings and at gigs. I have truly enjoyed my practical yet glam bags and I have decided to give them a plug. Take a look at Spiral‘s amazing colour selection. I am in good company: Cara Delavigne is a big fan of these bum bags too. Check this out. 

Spiral are introducing a HUGE number of brand new festival items unlike what you’ll see anywhere else. From bum bags, to crossbody’s; glitter to tassels; fabrics from your favourite kicks, right through to foils and throwback tie dyes – this collection has everything!

Spiral collections start from £9.99 for bum and crossbody bags, and from £29.99 for backpacks. 

I love the fact that you can wear these bags as you want: around your waist, across your front body or as a bum bag. I also like the fun colours and styles. Let’s face it: bum bags have never been very stylist and I only really wore them at School trips and other low key events. But having a cool bag is always something women enjoy sporting. 

Here are my top picks from the range and some images of me at BST music festival as well as at the park with my bum bag. 




The mermaid bum bag has to be my favourite ones of the whole range with its paillettes shining for miles. Definitely a must be at festivals when you don’t want to loose your friends. They’ll recognise you from far away!


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