British Summer fashion: Outdoor clothing for active families

The typically unpredictable British Summer has arrived and has brought lots of rain and sticky weather scattered with some sunshine. That calls for practical outdoor clothing and I have just reviewed the perfect set of clothes for both myself and my active 9 year old son from the Mountain Warehouse.

My family is always very busy with outdoor activities including tennis, football and cycling. In the past before heading off I used to pack lots of stuff in my backpack to cater for all types of weather. But now this range of outdoor clothing suits my sporty lifestyle perfectly. Read here why.

One of my favourite items is the Summer range at Mountain Warehouse is the water repellent raincoat. With this lightweight jacket I never get wet even when it starts raining while I am cycling or walking without an umbrella. It looks good too in this brilliant blue colour so I can always look stylish even when I wearing trainers.

diego outdoor clothing

My son has got a pair of gorgeous Summer shorts in dark blue and a very British shirt which he loves wearing. He looks really elegant in this outfit. Mountain Warehouse is an outdoor sporting clothing brand with a smart casual look.

It depends on how you accessorise the clothing. If you wear trainers as I do in my above image, you get more a sporty look but if you wear the raincoat on top of evening wear it looks quite smart.

Here are some of my favourite items from the Mountain Warehouse catalogue.

National Gardening Week with Mountain Warehouse image005


Holiday Kid’s Shirt

Cargo Kid’s Shorts



Haven Women’s Jacket (Blue)

Lakeside Women’s Shorts (Navy)

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