Awakening the Diva in You: Get the most out of your necklace with these 7 fashion tips

While in self-isolation, let’s make the most of the extended time at home by getting creative and recycling. Among other things, I have been looking at my jewellery box full of necklaces most of which I haven’t worn for a while. If not used to the best advantage they don’t mean much in terms of style. So I decided to choose good quality jewellery with timeless style, take care of it, and then figure how to choose the right jewellery piece for each outfit. Combining several pieces is also a popular way to get the most out of the jewellery pieces we own. I hope my 7 tips for jewellery wearing success will help.

Choose Jewellery Wisely

  1. Wear the necklace or group of necklaces that go well with the outfit neckline. You can find products at that will go well as a group. Purchasing the best necklaces for the use you have is the first and most important step. Go through your collection of jewellery and discard damaged or no longer worn pieces. Then shop carefully for pieces that go with specific outfits in your closet. Purchase a combination of chokers, pendants and larger signature necklaces.

Solid colour clothing with simple necklines is best for signature necklaces. Tops with the neckline or bodice as a focal point call for small necklaces and earrings. A choker might work well. Shirts with collars require necklaces that fall above the collar or just below it if top buttons will be left open. V-neck tops require necklaces that fall in the middle touching skin. A simple high neckline and subtle design allow for bolder necklaces and groups of necklaces.

Jewellery Should Compliment Your Face and Body Type

  1. Choose necklaces that are complimentary with your facial features, size bust line, neck length, body type and more. Pay attention to wear the necklace sits so you don’t make your neck look too short or draw attention to your stomach. The scale of the necklace or group of necklaces can change the body impression, so look in the mirror before finalising your jewellery choice.
  2. Jewellery that is bold can draw attention to or away from the face or body when worn correctly. But don’t pair bold jewellery with bold patterns because the two will fight for attention. A small choker may get lost in a complicated neckline but adding a couple of chains or a pendant to it can help it hold its own.

It Matters What Jewellery is Made Of

  1. Sparkly jewellery is attention-getting and more formal. Jewellery made of simple materials like turquoise, wood, or stone beads will be more informal and friendly-looking. A necklace made of large beads or shiny metal panels will be bold and dramatic. A necklace made of gold or silver chains and beads can be formal, informal, or fun depending on how it is worn and if several are grouped together.
  2. Layering several necklaces can be very effective if done wisely. Use an odd number of chains or pendants that coordinate well. Make sure the chains are of different lengths so each shows to advantage. Be careful what materials you combine such as gold, silver, platinum, and other metals. When layering necklaces don’t go overboard ending up with a tangled jumble.

Go For Balance In Jewellery

  1. Be careful to create a balance that allows each piece of jewellery to shine. Wearing a big necklace, bold earrings, and too many rings or bracelets can look overdone. If the outfit is bold, use a necklace that matches one of the bold colours. Like wearing a red necklace with a red purse or shoes. Or Choosing a colour out of a floral print to emphasise with a necklace.
  2. Last but not least, match jewellery choices to your fashion style and personality. Don’t purchase things you don’t like just because they are all the rage.

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