Affordable kids’ fashion: Keeping your kids cosy in the cold

Kids fashion expert Nicole Frost shares her top tips on affordable ways to wrap up warm this winter.

Half-Pint Chic Founder Nicole Frost knows only too well how contending with the British weather and growing children can mean clothes need to be adaptable and interchangeable. Nicole set up members-only website Half-Pint Chic when she struggled to find good quality clothes for her twin girls. Arguably the ‘worst kept secret’ of Britain’s mums, the private members site offers up to 70% off the RRP of designer childrenswear in its exclusive weekly sales.

With plenty of first-hand experience, Nicole offers Bizziebaby her top tips on getting the most out of your child’s wardrobe this winter.

Nicole says: “Colder days, darker nights and the reappearance of tights and leggings is more than enough to convince us that winter is just around the corner. A warm coat, some sturdy boots and a selection of hats and gloves are all essentials for keeping your little snow bunnies comfortable this winter but gearing up for the colder weather can be costly for parents.

“When winter hits some parents can panic and will splash out on new clothing to bundle their kids up in. But a small selection of the right gear is just as effective and much of it can already be found in their wardrobe. By making clever purchases your child can stay toasty all winter long.”

? Clothes and coats: “It’s tempting to wrap your child up from head to toe but a big, thick coat will hinder their movements and make them miserable. Think layers. A lightweight jumper or jacket is a great item to put over a long sleeved t-shirt and fits perfectly underneath a winter coat – just ensure the sleeves are snug at the wrist the keep winter winds from blowing in. We have some stunning winter coats on sale this season. Check them out at”

? Staple Items: “The winter is the perfect opportunity to implement staple items in your child’s wardrobe. Leggings, tights, woolly jumpers and thick jeans are all must-haves. You can team them with almost anything to dress them up or down and good quality childrenswear will last and look beautiful throughout the months.”

? Choose the right materials: “Avoid cotton clothing at all costs; it absorbs and holds in moisture and the last thing you’ll want at the end of the day is a sad, soggy mess! Choose breathable fabrics and fleeces to keep kids totally comfortable when playing outdoors.”

? Boots: “If there is one place to splurge when it comes to winter clothing, it’s on footwear. It’s hard to keep toes toasty, especially in the snow, but insulated boots will do a much better job than trainers or shoes.”

? Accessories: “Forget gloves – mittens keep fingers closer together so are much warmer and easier to slip on to little hands. Scarves not only finish an outfit off, they also give extra warmth to your child’s upper body and a cute hat will help stop extra body heat being lost through their head.”

Half-Pint Chic has made it their mission to source beautiful childrenswear from around the world and bring it to British parents at a fraction of the usual price. Catering for fashionistas from newborn to nine years old, Half-Pint Chic updates its stock weekly and features collections from a number of designer names whilst guaranteeing an affordable and stress-free shopping experience for parents. Register for free at

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