Achieving healthy and beautiful hair: Tips, tricks and product recommendations

I have a hair story, but not a bad hair story. In the time leading up to Covid, and for as long as I can remember, I rocked a short bob haircut. Despite knowing that my mum and grandmother both had gorgeous, thick, wavy locks, I always thought my hair was super straight. However, during the pandemic, with hairdressers off-limits, my hair just kept growing… and growing. The most delightful surprise? Waves galore! Now, I can hardly believe my hair was ever straight.

Traditionally, it’s said that women tend to keep their hair long when they’re young and then opt for a shorter style as they age. I’ve always been one to swim against the current, and I’m on a mission to be a modern-day Rapunzel. All jokes aside, I’m truly relishing this new look.

Hairstyle Monica Costa London Mums magazine 2023

Since embracing my longer mane, I’ve come to realise that maintaining healthy, voluminous hair can be quite the task. The silver lining is that there are numerous methods to ensure my hair stays radiant and strong, spanning from the right cosmetics and nutrition to a thoughtful hair care routine.

Cosmetics for Hair Beauty

Using the right cosmetics for your hair type and specific needs is crucial. Consider using products like shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks that cater to your hair’s unique requirements. For instance, if you have dry hair, opt for a naturally moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Additionally, incorporating hair oils like coconut, Argan, or olive oil can provide essential nourishment and protection. Remember to focus on the ends and avoid the roots. This simple step can do wonders for adding shine and moisture to your locks.

Hairstyle Monica Costa London Mums magazine 2023

Product Recommendation: Bellissima Diffon Supreme

Introducing the Bellissima Diffon Supreme, an innovative hot air diffuser that combines a diffuser and a hairdryer in one powerful tool. With the revolutionary Supreme Curl Flow technology, it ensures delicate drying while preserving my curls. The ceramic technology and argan oil keep your hair hydrated throughout the process.

haircare hair dryer bellissima diffuser

The XL diffuser, with its 12 long fingers, is perfect for faster drying, making it ideal for long hair. This tool also offers various temperature and speed settings, including a cool shot for setting your style. The Ion Care Technology ensures your hair remains hydrated, soft, and frizz-free. 

haircare hair dryer woman with curls

More info from the manufacturer’s site. Available from Argos or Amazon.


Healthy Nutrition for the Hair

A balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals is vital for healthy, beautiful hair. Protein, in particular, is crucial as it forms the building blocks of your hair. Include sources like meat, fish, eggs, and beans in your meals.

Vitamin C plays a significant role in collagen production, which is essential for healthy hair growth. Incorporate citrus fruits, berries, and leafy greens into your diet for a vitamin C boost. Biotin, iron, and zinc are also important nutrients for hair health, found in foods like nuts, seeds, whole grains, and leafy greens.

Hair Care product recommendations

Proper hair care practices are equally important. Avoid excessive use of heat styling tools, as they can lead to dry and brittle hair. If you do need to use them, always apply a heat protectant spray.

Over-washing your hair can strip it of natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. Adjust your washing frequency based on your hair type. For most, washing every other day or every few days is sufficient.

For effortless, salon-quality haircare, my personal favourite haircare line is Fudge Professional. With a range designed to cater to your every hair need, you can achieve stunning results without the fuss. Here are some must-have products from Fudge Professional that every London Mum should consider adding to their haircare routine:

haircare hair marine salt spray

  1. Fudge Professional Prep – Salt Spray – Marine Rich Texture Spray with All Day Hold and UV Protection: Achieve that enviable beach wave look all year round with Fudge Professional’s Salt Spray. Enriched with giant sea kelp, red algae, and ocean salt minerals, this spray adds raw texture and body to flat hair. Plus, it comes with UV shield technology to strengthen and protect your hair from damage and dryness throughout the day.                                                  
  2. Fudge Professional Prep – Blow Dry Aqua Primer – Weightless Heat Protection, Long-Lasting Smoothness, and Hold: This Aqua Primer is a game-changer for busy mums on the go. It provides weightless heat protection while ensuring long-lasting smoothness and hold. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to effortlessly styled hair!
  3. Fudge Professional Salt Spray – Texturising Sea Salt Spray, Volume, and Flexible Hold for Men and Women, With UV Shield Protection (150 ml): For those seeking volume and flexible hold, this Texturising Sea Salt Spray is a must-try. Its unique formula, enriched with UV shield protection, helps you achieve that perfect tousled look without compromising on hair health.

I’m sure we can all relate to that moment when we sat in the hair salon chair choking back tears because we just had all our hair cut off. It’s promptly followed by completely lying and saying through clenched teeth “Oh my gosh, I love it!” but our eyes really say “How could you?!” 

In the perpetual pursuit of the perfect haircare routine, I, like many, have experienced the post-salon remorse of a less-than-desirable haircut. We’ve all smiled through gritted teeth, concealing our true feelings about a new bob cut, desperately wishing for a haircare miracle to undo the damage.

haircare bondi boost

Amidst my hair journey, BondiBoost emerged as a recurring name on my Instagram feed, prompting me to investigate if this brand could truly live up to the hype. Bondi Boost’s product range, designed to help achieve the perfect blowout brush and impart volume, left a lasting impression. Alongside their Miracle Hair Mask, my hair underwent a transformation – from unruly to wavy, with a newfound softness, manageability, and diminished frizz. The mask’s fresh and alluring scent added to the overall experience, and my hair has never felt healthier. In all aspects, it’s a solid 10/10. Not only has it facilitated hair growth, but my locks consistently exude a remarkable vibrancy and health.

Among the standout products, the BondiBoost Curl Boss Curl Booster 125ml has earned a special place in my routine. This leave-in spray, formulated with a botanical blend of Kakadu plum and vitamin B5, proved to be a game-changer. Lightweight and hydrating, it defines and refreshes curls, providing a bounce and vitality that lasts between washes. The incorporation of Australian-made, vegan ingredients enhances the appeal, aligning with the brand’s commitment to quality.

Bondi Boost has managed to break the cycle of disappointment that often accompanies haircare experimentation. With effective products that deliver tangible results, this Instagram sensation has become more than just a trend; it’s a reliable companion in the quest for healthy, beautiful hair. For those seeking a genuine solution to their haircare woes, Bondi Boost is undoubtedly a brand worth exploring. Available from Amazon.

Product Recommendation: Revlon SmoothStay Coconut Oil-Infused Hair Dryer

For fast, flawless drying with a visibly smoother and shinier finish, consider the Revlon SmoothStay hair dryer. With its ceramic-coated grill infused with coconut oil, it minimises drying time while reducing static and frizz.

haircare hair dryer revlon

The heat-sensing technology ensures even heat distribution, decreasing heat damage. The included volumising diffuser maximises curl definition for smooth, shiny results.


Achieving and maintaining healthy, beautiful hair requires a holistic approach. From using the right cosmetics to ensuring proper nutrition and adopting effective hair care practices, every step plays a crucial role. With the recommended products like the Bellissima Diffon Supreme and the Revlon SmoothStay hair dryer, you can enhance your hair’s natural beauty and radiance. Remember, healthy hair is not only a reflexion of external care but also a result of internal nourishment and self-care.

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