70% off designer kids’ clothes

With Christmas around the corner, Half-Pint Chic is the perfect solution for those looking for gorgeous clothes for their little ones but without breaking the bank. They run weekly sales offering up to 70% off from fabulous designers such as Caramel Baby & Child, Baby Graziella, Simonetta and Their Nibs. It is free to join and is the perfect place to pick up some stylish bargains.

This December also sees the exciting launch of Party Chic, the new permanent boutique at www.halfpintchic.com which will offer stunning party wear all year around at up to 70% off.

So if you need a special Christmas dress or have a wedding or Christening to attend, it is definitely worth checking out their collection before you hit the shops.

Visit www.halfpintchic.com and register for FREE today.

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