5 Fun fashion Christmas gift ideas for your significant other

Are you looking to spruce up your partner’s wardrobe in 2022 with some fun fashion funky shirts and t-shirts? London Mums have come up with a guide to ideas for men’s shirts and t-shirts. Carry on reading to find out more.


Tie-dying clothes is a very old fashion tradition that dates back to the ancient Sui Dynasty in China. Tie-dye t-shirts became a hot clothing trend in the hippie era during the swinging 60s and the 70s when protestors against the U.S war in Vietnam wore bright-coloured try-die clothing to signify love and anti-violence. Want to stand out in the street by wearing some vibrant psychedelic colours? Get yourself a tie-dye t-shirt today. You can even design one at home yourself by buying a plain white cotton t-shirt and some funky different colour dyes.


Smart Casual Shirts

Smart casual shirts are a brilliant men’s style idea because of their versatility, and you can wear one to go to work, at a party, at weddings, when in the pub chatting with your friends, and so on. The smart casual dress code in men’s can be split into informal and formal smart casual. Informal smart casual dress can include jeans, shorts in the winter, a polo shirt, trainers and so on. In contrast, formal smart casual consists of a nice jacket or blazer, chinos or cord trousers, a collared shirt, and smart shoes. You can get as creative as you like with the combination of clothes you decide to put on for your partners smart-casual outfit. Throw in a pair of stylish boots from Blundstone and complete the look. 

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels


Retro Style Shirts and T-Shirts

Are you thinking about going ‘old school’ with your partners wardrobe and wearing real throwback clothes? What about getting yourself a snazzy Hawaiian shirt that simply oozes summertime and positive vibes? Are you a die-hard footy fan who loves to wear retro shirts out and about that bring back precious memories of times gone by following your favourite football team? If you’re interested in purchasing yourself some iconic kits, check out these vintage Liverpool kits with classic sponsors such as Carlsberg and Candy.


Checked Shirts

Wearing a checked shirt is an excellent smart-casual choice for men. Checked shirts also happen to go wonderfully well when used in combination with denim jeans or trendy chino trousers. You may even find yourself thinking your lover looks a bit like a professional lumberjack who cuts trees down for a living.  


Deep V Neck T-Shirts

Another popular men’s clothing trend is wearing deep v neck t-shirts, which are lovely and cool to wear during the warmer summer months. V neck shirts provide your body’s torso and collar bone areas with fresh air and ventilation. Speak to your partner to find out if this is a fashion choice that they would enjoy.


So, try and be inventive and get a little creative with your choices of men’s shirts and t-shirts for your partner. There are tons of amazing eye-catching men’s shirts and t-shirts on sale in-store and online.          

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