5 Classic throwback shoes you need to add to your collection

Sneaker collecting has become a multi-billion dollar industry in no small part thanks to new shoe designers and specialty kicks. Some of the pairs that are most coveted today are only attainable for a select few who have tons of money to spare.

That said, even the most expensive sneakers today wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it weren’t for the classics. The good news is that a lot of those throwback shoes have been revamped for 2022 collectors. That means you can get the vintage look without having to bid on used originals.

If you haven’t added classic styles to your collection, now is the time to start.

Read on as we talk about five brands producing classic throwback shoes that you’re not going to want to miss.

1. Nike Throwback Shoes

Listen up. No sneaker collection is complete without a few pairs of Nike sneakers and you can’t overlook vintage-style Nikes.

Of course, we have to start by paying homage to Jordan throwback shoes. Air Jordans made arguably the biggest impact on the sneaker industry. Sure, other players had signature lines, but no one blew up the sneaker world like Michael Jordan, and you should own at least one early pair of Air Jordans.

Another significant throwback basketball shoe that you’re going to want to buy is the Nike Blazer in classic blue or red suede. These vintage high-tops look great with everything from casual wear to clubbing fashion and they’re guaranteed to attract attention.

Honorable mentions also include Nike Air Force 1, Nike Cortez, and Nike Vandal.

2. Adidas Throwback Shoes

Adidas doesn’t always pack the same flash as Nike, but they’ve still pulled their weight in the sneaker world. Let’s start by talking about Adidas Campus sneakers, which were huge in the hip-hop scene in the 1980s. Believe it or not, these low-profile sneakers started out as basketball shoes and got no less popular when they stopped being worn on the court.

Another classic basketball shoe that become the footwear of choice of legends like Run-DMC is the Adidas Superstar. Chances are, you remember these from the hallways in your high school and may have even called them “shell toes.” The Adidas Superstar is, for many a sneakerhead, the GOAT.

More honorable mentions include Adidas Top 10, Adidas Busenitz, and Adidas Stan Smith.

3. Reebok Throwback Shoes

If you’re a young sneakerhead, it’s time for a serious education. Reebok doesn’t always get the props that brands like Nike and Adidas do, but they’ve played a huge role in the history of sneaker coveting and collecting.

Let’s start with the Reebok Pump, which first hit shelves in the early 1990s. You’ve seen this technology repeated, but this shoe was the first to include the internal inflation system that let you pump up the upper tongue with the push of a button. These were big in basketball and because they were so expensive at the time, became a status symbol everywhere from the court to the halls of high schools everywhere.

Now, let’s talk about the Reebok Classic which, as the name suggests, never goes out of style. The Reebok Classic is a truly laidback sneaker that you’ll see most often in white, black, or navy blue. The best part about the Reebok Classic is that it now comes in a ton of colorways to match any style.

4. Casual Throwback Shoes

All throughout the history of footwear, shoppers have sought the perfect casual shoe: comfortable, practical, but still stylish. Some valiant efforts have been made over the decades and some of them are still worth mentioning.

We know we’ve already talked about Nike, but the Nike Blazer Low deserves its own category. Unlike the flashy high-tops, the Nike Blazer Low is super pared back and low profile, coming in tons of classic and modern colorways. If you want to kick things up a notch, look for collabs that feature the Blazer Low with a little more kick.

Another casual throwback shoe that should win the award for most casual of all time is the Keds Champion. When they first hit the shelves in the 1980s, you would mostly see these perfectly white shoes on girls and women. Now, anyone can rock the Keds Champion and they absolutely should.

5. Skater Throwback Shoes

If it weren’t for DC, we’d call it like it is and dub this section the best Vans throwback shoes. However, we can’t leave out DC’s fine contribution to skater history.

Seriously, though, anything vintage by Vans is going to make this list. We’re talking about the Vans SK8-Hi and the Vans Old Skool. We’re talking about the beyond-iconic Vans classic slip-on with the checkerboard pattern.

Vans has long represented west coast beachside skater culture–but that doesn’t mean that DC can’t hold a candle to them.

Also making the list is the DC Pure High-Top, DC’s more colorful and more dynamic response to the SK8-Hi. Not only will the Pure High-Top withstand months of intense skating but they’ll also look great with anything from joggers to jeans.

Honor Sneakerhead Roots With Throwback Shoes

When it comes to sneaker collecting, it’s not always about what’s newest and flashiest. Make sure that your collection pays homage to its roots by investing in some throwback shoes. Use our guide to start searching for the most significant sneakers in sneakerhead history.

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