4 Stylish trends for Fashionista Mums

Motherhood may be tough, time-consuming, and challenging, but fashion shouldn’t stop because of it. You can still look stylish without taking up too much time. Looking your best and feeling good about your appearance is a great way to boost your confidence. And because clothes affect mood and attitude, the better you feel about yourself, the better you will feel about discharging your motherly duties. When mama’s happy, the baby and the whole family are happy. So, if you’re fashionista mums, here are some trends worth considering.


1. Try blazers and midi dresses

Blazers are becoming trendy; you can expect this trend to last in the coming years. Many opt for rocking them with nothing but bras underneath to add a little sex appeal. Whether you’re pairing it with a sleeveless top or t-shirt underneath, keep in mind that when you shop for bras online for your blazer, it’s best to focus more on comfort and fit. Also, chic midi dresses paired with blazers are becoming increasingly popular, especially for busy mothers balancing work with motherhood. This combination creates a versatile look you can pull off for almost any outing, depending on your chosen colours. For example, a black or darker-coloured midi dress will be perfect for a nighttime outing or a date without the kids. And you can go for a floral print midi dress with your blazer to create a girlish, flirty, or flattering look for a daytime outing.


2. Classic black and white chic

Turn back the hands of time with a classic black-and-white combo. Classy chic black and white outfits are dominating the world of mum fashion. While pairing white with black may not sound original, it works perfectly. Plus, it’s trendy. Moreover, there are a million ways you can make this combination work for you, with endless outfit options. The most important thing is to let your creativity work for you. If you’re short of ideas, white trousers have become especially trendy this year. You can pair them with a simple black sweater, blazer or a black and white striped alternative. Finish off your look with some white earrings or black bracelets and watches.


3. Incorporate earth tones and animal print

If you appreciate minimalist fashion, incorporating earth tones into your outfit will effortlessly give you that minimalist vibe. Minimalism is trending in the fashion world. Earth tones are versatile, easy, and warm, and you can dress up or down with them.

Like earth tones, animal print also gives off a natural feel, a connection with nature. Animal print popularity is not new. And thankfully, this mom fashion trend is here to stay. From leopard print to zebra and snake print, you can pair animal print blouses with your favourite pair of jeans.


4. Go for an oversized pullover or a long flowy style


Most mums will agree that few things are more comfortable than an oversized pullover or a long, flowy dress. They give your body more than enough freedom, and you can pair an oversized pullover with leggings and skinny or tight-fitting jeans. Some prefer to wear only a bra under their oversized pullover to feel extra comfortable.

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