Naturally Inspiring Childcare

Childcare is the single biggest issue for parents. Here are some great pointers on how childcare should look like. kidsunlimited offers children ‘naturally inspiring childcare’, but what is this?


We believe that childhood is a special time and that early childhood, from birth to five years old is the most special time of all. That’s why we take our job so seriously. We want to provide your child with the best experiences, the best care and the best start in life.

We know that children are ‘naturally’ curious and love to play and explore. We also know that play is the way that children learn best. At kidsunlimited we build on children’s natural curiosity and love of learning to provide activities that will help them to be ‘inspired’ to learn more and to switch on the lights for themselves.

We provide children with high quality resources, made of natural materials wherever possible. We know that different kinds of smells, sounds, textures and materials stimulate children’s senses from baby-hood. So instead of lots of plastic toys that all feel the same, we provide interesting resources that help them to learn about the world they live in. For example, our specially designed ‘treasure stackers’ provide lots of learning opportunities and keep babies interested for long periods of time and they come back to them over and over again. Our treasure baskets and collections of natural resources are developed by specialists in Early Years and include natural and every-day items, made from natural materials, that intrigue, inspire and are safe to play with. We source materials for near and far and our resources are constantly changing as we source new or inspirational items for your child.

We know that children love to be outdoors and need time and space to explore and re-visit their favourite experiences so that they can become ‘experts’ and feel confident to move on to the next stage of learning. That’s why we provide crawl-in sand spaces for babies, beaches for toddlers and older children and magnificent streams for playing and learning. That’s also why we promote ‘free flow play’ where children are able to choose where they play and what they play with so that they become independent learners and display the ‘characteristics of effective learning’ . We offer Forest School experiences, led by specially trained practitioners, to ensure your child has opportunities to access the natural world to enhance their play and learning.

We know that the role of the adult in supporting children’s learning is key; that’s why we recruit inspirational practitioners to work side by side with your child to extend their learning according to their individual stage of development and special skills. Our training and development activities are designed to inspire children and adults alike to ensure that your child’s day is full of ‘Awe and Wonder’ from beginning to end.

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