Children and wedding – Ways to keep children at weddings happy

The wedding season is almost upon us! Regardless of how detailed your wedding planning is, there is one thing you cannot control. And no, I do not mean the weather, because umbrellas can take care of that – I’m referring to having children at weddings. Some brides plan separate games for kids in order to keep them occupied, while some opt out of inviting them all together. children at weddings Here are my top tips to keep children at weddings happy:

1) Paper Chase – Download colouring pages, word searches, crosswords, spot the difference from the internet, make sure you give out with crayons or coloured pencils to avoid mess to clothes and tableware. The London Mums website has a lot of FREE ACTIVITY SHEETS DOWNLOADS (just type this name in the search button to select your favourite ones).

2) Silent Scavenger Hunt – Create a tick sheet of things to listen out for or observe during the wedding – what colour are the bridesmaids dresses, what songs were sung, did the best man remember the rings, how many were wearing hats.

3) Book Corner – Have a range of books to cover differing ages of children and teenagers attending the wedding, put on tables or set up in a corner with bean bags – great for sleepy ones later in the evening too.

4) Box of Tricks – Create boxes of simple toys such as bubbles, board games (travel ones are cheaper and smaller), jigsaws, and play dough – hassle free distractions for children without the need for too much adult help.

5) Children Only Room – Create a child only space with TV’s/DVD players, games consoles, books, board games, dressing up and role-play toys, craft activities/painting, sand trays and play dough.children at weddings

6) VIP – Create tasks for children involved in the wedding to earn VIP badges – roles can range from marshalling guests to the right place to holding their bouquet up the right way for younger bridesmaids.

7) Outdoor Games – Organise walks around the grounds or do nature searches using small bags to collect what is found. Also provide simple sports equipment such as balls, Frisbees, or cricket sets.

8) Entertainer – A more expensive option and tends to work best if you have another room or space for this to take place, unlike a crèche parents will still be responsible for supervision of their children.

9) Babysitters – Babysitters work well if the wedding is being held in a hotel. The babysitters can look after individual children or families in their hotel rooms bringing some basic equipment and also putting the children to bed.

10) Mobile Crèche – The most expensive option but it really is the ultimate answer, and many opt to share the costs with parents. A team will bring all equipment; will be responsible for your children and their entertainment for the whole wedding and even into the night with a sleepover.

Whether you have 25 nieces and nephews or a few little ones of your own, inviting them to the wedding can often be an added stress – and we all know that’s the last thing a bride needs! Hiring an outside service such as a mobile crèche to come in and care for the children may be the ideal option for you to allow the children to take part in the celebration while not being a burden to you or your guests. Not only can your friends enjoy your wedding, but it can also eliminate the necessity for babysitters, which all of your friends will appreciate.

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