The UK’s first bilingual Mandarin-English nursery Hatching Dragons opens in London

Hatching Dragons – the UK’s first bilingual Mandarin-English early years provision – will be opening it’s flagship nursery in the Barbican in the coming month. Think it would be amazing if your child could be fluent in Chinese by the age of 5? We do too. And with Hatching Dragons they will. Please get in touch to register your interest for a visit of their wonderful space on one of their up coming open days.

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Important Info

Ages: 2-5, with limited number of spaces for 1 year olds

Working day: 0830-630, Monday – Friday, 52 weeks of the year

Address: Jewin Chapel, 70 Fann Street, London, EC1Y 0SA

Transport: 2 minutes walk from Barbican Tube, Buses 4, 56, 76, 141, 43

Why a Bilingual Nursery?

It makes your child “smarter” without forcing times tables and Satre down their throat. All the evidence now points to the cognitive advantages a bilingual upbringing can afford your child: from improved creativity, analytical thinking, strong concept formation skills, emotional well-being, your baby will benefit from the bilingual approach.

The UK’s first bilingual Mandarin-English nursery Hatching Dragons opens in London 032

Why Mandarin?

It’s no secret that China is important. With a population of over 1.37bn people, Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world. And the Government appears to have finally realised this with its announcement that Mandarin is to be offered on the national curriculum, so why not give your child a head start in a language that could change his life?

Who Are we?

Cenn John, father to a lovely two year old boy, set up Hatching Dragons because he believed that parents and their children, could and should be getting more out of the early years and so drew together a team that is second to none: a team with a former Chairman of Ofsted on the board and a pedagogical director has over 30 years in the early years. Hatching Dragons now run playgroups, 4 hour creche environments and are setting up nurseries throughout London.

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