Travelling with a young baby or toddler on your honeymoon

The thought of a relaxing honeymoon may have already been dashed by friends and family sharing their nightmares of travelling with children, but relax! Honeymoons and kids can work out happily ever after and that dream honeymoon you planned can be romantic and relaxing with a little advanced planning.

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Before travelling:

  • Check your destination has everything you’ll need for a care-free family holiday. Most hotels offer cot, high chair and buggy hire – it’s worth paying the extra to lighten your luggage load and travel happier.
  • Get insured! So many families forget the all-important family insurance when travelling abroad. To avoid costly medical bills invest in some good family cover while you are away. It is far better to be safe and have peace of mind than face a nasty bill on your honeymoon.
  • Check the local shops! Do you need to pack all the nappies and baby food or does the local supermarket have everything you need?
  • Vaccinations – check whether you and your little one need any vaccinations before travelling. This is really important!


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The honeymoon travel – tips for keeping your cool while travelling

Travelling with baby? Pack a bag full of baby magic to get you through your journey. Things to include are:

  • Favourite toy or comforter (including dummies if you use them) to calm and comfort when unsettled. This is especially ideal if travelling at nap or bedtimes.
  • Sensory bag: As well as being brilliant for development, sensory play items such as small pieces of bright fabrics, rattles, chewable toys and bright baby books are bound to keep your baby happy on even the longest of journeys.
  • Milk and snacks: Depending on your baby’s age, you may want to pack some baby snacks for mid-flight nibbling. If it’s a longer flight with meals don’t forget to pack a meal for your baby too. If you are breastfeeding don’t be worried about feeding during the flight. If you feel a little self-conscious, invest in a big scarf to feel a little more secure.
  • For formula feeding parents ensure you have enough packed to last you the feed times during the flight. Many airlines will happily provide hot water so pack the powder in a feed storage pot that’s easily accessed.
  • Spare clothes: We all know babies like to make a little mess (mostly on us) so pack a change of clothes for those little accidents and pack a spare set for yourself too! That way you’ll arrive at your honeymoon destination feeling and looking as fresh as a daisy.

Travelling with a toddler? Pack enough entertainment to keep you stress and mess free for the journey! Things to include are:

  • A tablet! Forget about weighing down your luggage with your toddler’s favourite books, DVDs and games and get all digital savvy instead. Downloading interactive books, favourite TV shows and games to a tablet is an ideal way of entertaining your toddler without weighing your hand luggage down! While I wouldn’t suggest leaving toddlers in front of the screen at home for long periods, I think sometimes screen time on a long flight can be hugely helpful and often movies can settle a fractious toddler who just wants to run up and down the plane.
  • Don’t forget the favourite comforter: A favourite toy or comforter can make your toddler feel a lot calmer on board a plane – especially during take-off and landing, when their little ears may feel uncomfortable with the pressure.
  • Pack some arty fun: Just because you’re on a flight it doesn’t mean your tot can’t indulge in some crafting. Believe me – the other passengers would rather have the mess than the toddler tantrums.  A simple art pack in a drawstring bag that can hang on the seat arm close to hand is ideal. Fill with notebooks, pens, crayons, stickers and stamp sets for flight crafting fun.
  • Spare clothes: If your toddler is a messy tot, you’ll likely both need a change of clothes before the end of the journey so pack something light and easy to change into. If your toddler is potty training – it’s ideal to wear pull-ups rather than pants for traveling to avoid that twenty-thousand feet request for a wee while the seatbelt sign is on!

Break up your journey by going for a walk on the plane. Let’s face it, no toddler can sit still for more than an hour at a time, so although it may seem like a nightmare to do, take your tot for a stroll up and down the plane. This is ideal just before settling them for a nap – which I’d also encourage on a long flight.

Finally, don’t panic about the noise or the crying! Airline staff and most passengers are used to crying babies and toddlers so don’t worry. Once the seatbelt sign is off, walk around the plane with your little one to settle them – you could even try a sling to help settle if you have a baby. If they are teething or feeling under the weather remember to pack teething powders and baby paracetamol to ease discomfort during the flight.

Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

You’ve arrived! How to have a happy and safe honeymoon!

As lovely as the hot sunshine is abroad, it can be harmful to little ones and their fragile skin. Babies and toddlers can quickly suffer the short and long-term damage of sunburn and heat stroke, so keeping your little one safe in the sun is very important.

Protecting your little one from the sun is fairly simple; the sun is at its hottest in the summer between 10-4pm, so sitting in full exposure to the sunshine during this time can be pretty risky for you and your little one. Use these hours to take a nap or play out of the sun.

While it’s almost impossible to keep your child always indoors and in the shade, try to avoid prolonged periods in the sunshine and keep them in covered areas if you go out in direct sunlight. By using pram sunshades or good sun umbrella’s for picnics or the beach during this time you’ll lower the risk of sun damage.

UV Rays are harmful to the skin, especially little fragile skin so keep your little one covered as much as you can. Invest in a good sun-cream. There are some pretty fantastic creams available for children, including my favourite ‘Soltan Once’ which is an 8 hour protection cream for children.

Encourage wearing a sunhat and for older tots, sunglasses, to protect delicate little eyes in strong sunlight. Sun suits when at the beach are fantastic for delicate skin and protect it from the heat and UV rays!

Remember that the heat causes dehydration quickly in little children. Ensure they are regularly topped up with fluids by keeping drinks easily accessible to them. Investing in a good outdoor child’s flask or take-out beaker is great for days at the beach or outings. Keep babies hydrated and regularly check for overheating.

Water play is great for keeping little ones cool. From a paddling pool to a large bucket of water for splashy fun, the coolness will keep temperatures down! Always supervise your little one in or around water. Accidents can happen very quickly so invest in some good float aids, and ensure you are with them at all times near water, even if it doesn’t seem very deep.

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Child free time

Yes! You read right! Child free time may seem like wishful thinking but you are on your honeymoon after all! If the hotel you are staying at has a babysitting service or crèche, don’t feel guilty taking some time for yourself. Always ensure services are run by a holiday company you know and trust and always ask to see qualifications and CRB checks – staff should be qualified and referenced and the hotel will be happy to show you these, so don’t feel silly asking.

Finally – enjoy your time together as a family. Relax, unwind and enjoy every minute of your new family life together!

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