Top Tips for Toddler Proofing Your Home

It’s the second hardest age after the terrible teens but a lot sooner: here come the terrible twos. By this age your little one has found their feet and wants to make every room in your home a race track, and every available item on display a snack. But our homes aren’t as open as a race track, and ornaments certainly aren’t edible. So how can we toddler proof our homes to ensure that they’re safe to spread their wings and express themselves in the way they so desire? Here are just a few tips to help you through.

Make Sure Breakables are Up and Out of the Way 

An obvious place to start is either by moving or removing the breakable or dangerous ornaments and picture frames in your home out of reach of your little one. If a frame is dropped, it can shatter even on a floor covered by carpet, and the last thing you want is a trip to A and E with your toddler. Keep them safe by removing these items, just until they’re a certain age! The same applies for any electrical or fire hazardous items, such as matches, candles and lighters. Also remember to cover any sharp edges found on tables and radiators.


Cover all Electrical Plugs and Sockets

Little fingers find themselves into the slightest of places, and this will include plug sockets, which without saying will endanger your little one. By covering these you’ll eliminate any chance of them hurting themselves. The same stands for uncovered batteries. It’s well suggested that if you have remotes with an open back, get them covered! Little ones will gladly fish out batteries and put them in their mouths without realising the danger of it.


Protect your Child from the Stairs

Climbing up the stairs and then coming down them like a slide might seem like a fun option for your toddler, but until they’re fully confident on the stairs, it’s not a good idea to give them full access. By fitting a child safety gate at the top and bottom of the stairs, you’ll ensure that your child is safe, even when you look away for two minutes. If you’re reluctant to install more permanent items like this in your home because you’re worried about having to remove them in order to sell your house on, you needn’t worry. Companies such as Ready Steady Sell (UK) will buy your home, regardless of its condition, for cash. In fact, readily installed child safety items can actually make a home more sellable to the right buyer.


Don’t Forget the Cupboards

Don’t forget to inspect what’s in your cupboards. For example, if you have lower kitchen cupboards full of cleaning products, chances are the vast majority of them will be filled with a cocktail of dangerous chemicals. Remember that by the time they reach thirteen months, these cupboards will be directly eye level for your child, and what’s more interesting to them than screwing and unscrewing lids, and mixing things together. Ensure this won’t happen by moving such products to a high cupboard where they won’t be able to reach. Better yet, get rid of your shop bought cleaning chemicals, and make the transition to all natural cleaning products. Not only is this safer for the toddler in your home, but it’s also healthier for the respiratory systems of all of the family, and is better for the environment.

Avoid things that Drape 

As chic as a draping tablecloth, or a heavy and expensive pair of curtains is, it’s not ideal round your little ones. It’s all too tempting for them to pull on them, and cause a disaster in the meantime. The same applies for chords and string light switches, that are also a danger hazard to your baby. There are certain variations of child friendly blind chords and the like that you can purchase, that mean even if your child does get tangled, with a bit of pressure it’ll snap and they’ll be free. It’s worth making the investment for the safety aspect.


Remember Temperatures

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about items or appliances that may be extremely hot in temperature. For example, make sure radiators are not scalding hot, your kettle is well out of reach and be mindful of where you leave your cup of coffee – even when you are half asleep on a morning. It’s even good to be as cautious as reducing the hot water on your boiler thermostat, just so if your child ever does find a way to play with the taps, it’s a certainty that they won’t burn themselves. A lot of these things are common sense, but it’s  so easy to forget- especially with a tiny human running laps around you!

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