Tips on how to help a newborn baby’s cognitive development on the go

Fusing innovation, expertise, sustainability and practicality; pioneering print brand Shady® has launched the Shady® car sunshade. Designed specifically with baby’s cognitive development in mind, the self-adhesive sticks firmly to glass of the car window meaning it is the only car sunshade that can be wound down, allowing for fresh air and ventilation throughout the vehicle.

The Shady car window sunshade by Printelligently

The Shady car window sunshade by Printelligently

The starry night scene has been crafted in bold black and white to aid the development of newborn babies’ vision.

Dr. Rachel V. Gow, Child Neuropsychologist, Nutritional Neuroscientist, registered Nutritionist, and author explains: “The development of vision is influenced by early sensory environmental stimuli such as communication, language, and imagery.

“It has long been known that newborn babies can only see in black and white for approximately the first three months of their life. Research suggests that bold black-and-white imagery with sharp outlines may help stimulate a young baby’s visual system and cognitive development.

Shady® car sunshades have been specifically developed to nurture and stimulate vision and the optic nerves by incorporating high contrast, black-and-white, fun images while protecting your newborn from direct sunlight.”

Easy to fit, the Shady® car sunshade is a patented design and is super adhesive meaning once the product has been applied to the window it is secure, and little hands won’t be able to pull it down.

The vinyl shade blocks 86% of UV rays, protecting little ones from the harmful effects of the sun, making children’s time in the car as comfortable as possible.

Clear printed instructions are provided in the box with the sunshade including a QR code inside the packaging which leads through to a step-by-step video meaning it is straightforward and simple to fit.

British made, the Shady® car sunshade comes with biodegradable alcohol wipes so users can ensure the glass is completely clear before applying the product.

Priced at an affordable £19.99, available now on Amazon, the Shady® car sunshade is the brainchild of Bristol based printing expert and entrepreneur Kevin Willis who created the sunshades with children’s needs in mind.

Kevin comments: “It was my priority to create an affordable, easy-to-use sunshade for any vehicle that can not only entertain youngsters on car journeys but also help neural development in newborns.”

“The black and white contrast design helps stimulate eyes and keeps them entertained on the go. It was important to me to put my years of printing experience to good use so the material not only stays put on the window but is thin, yet durable and lightweight, meaning the window can be wound down too.”

The Shady® car sunshade is available to buy now as a two pack on Amazon for £19.99.

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Customer reviews via Amazon

“What an absolute life changer! The amount of times I’ve accidently opened the back window with out existing sun shades on nearly causing damage numerous times!! It comes with everything you need to instal, they are super easy and straight forward to do and come with clear instructions as well as a link to a video to watch! Great size for the window too and literally took a couple of mins to do both. Great product and great value, definitely recommend this one!”

“I’ve bought so many suction-cup shades over the last few years that have 1) warped within months and 2) are a nightmare when we want to wind the back windows down. Have had these up almost a week now and loving not having to stick them on and off the windows/save them from hungry, grabby toddlers. Took 5 mins to instal and comes with wipes for your window, a squeegee tool and instructions/link to an instructional video. Very pleased with how they look in the car, would highly recommend.”

“I have tinted windows on my car and always thought nah I won’t need a sun screen, well I was wrong! These actually keep the sun out of baby’s eyes, easy to instal and don’t get in the way or fall off.”

Shady® is a car sunshade business founded in July 2020 by Bristol based print experts Printelligently. Shady® products have a patented design and are proudly designed and printed in the UK. Shady® is committed to protecting children from the harmful rays of the sun whilst helping keep them entertained on the go.

Shady® ‘s is the first fully adhesive car sunshade that allows users to fully wind the window down to get some fresh air and ventilation in the vehicle.

More information can be found here.

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