Tips on how to deal with a babysitter when you leave your child for the first time (by guest blogger Georgie Jones)

As every new mother knows, leaving your child with someone new is a scary experience. Every bone in your body says your baby should be with you, but there comes a time when you must take the plunge and allow yourself a well-deserved break and some ‘me time’.

We often get asked by parents of ways in which to make the experience easier and there are definitely some easy tips that will help ease your mind when you leave your child for the first time.

•  For your first booking, make sure you book the babysitter to turn up an hour before you are due to go out. That way you can show them around, advise on what you would like them to do and watch them interact with your child.

•  Take the telephone number of the babysitter and make sure they have yours in case they need to contact you.

•  Ask the babysitter to send you a text at hourly intervals or a few times throughout the day or evening so that you can relax and enjoy your time away from them.

•  Don’t go too far the first time. Go for drinks or dinner near to your home so you can get back easily if you feel uncomfortable or even want to check in half way through.

Here at Like Minders, we realise how hard it can be to trust a stranger to care for your little ones and that is why we take the utmost care when selecting our babysitters so as to ensure you have peace of mind when you use our services.

•  Leave a pashmina or an item of clothing which has your scent on it. If your child is not settling, the babysitter can let them smell it which will help to calm them down.

•  Ask the babysitter to keep a note of any feeding times or waking times when you are out. This ensures you know how the booking has gone, and also helps you keep track of your child’s routine.

We are more than happy to offer advice and reassurance to all of our members and take great care to match the right babysitter to each family. Where possible, each family will have 2 or 3 babysitters they become familiar with and use regularly, as the knowledge of having someone you know and trust caring for your child is immeasurable.

‘Like Minders’ is a babysitting and ad-hoc childcare agency (Telephone: 0844 879 7189).

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